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Handibhanga Waterfall Odisha

As travellers walk down to this waterfall in Odisha, all they do is smile and applaud almighty for blessing the state with such bonniness. Carved out in the Bahalda village of Keonjhar district, Handibhanga Waterfall stands as a popular waterfall and a major source of tourism in Odisha. Flowing down from a height of 30 m, this waterfall is also a loved picnic spot in Odisha where travellers come and rejuvenate themselves with the sound of the splashing water. Join the natives of Odisha and tourists between the months of October to March as that's the best time to visit Handibhanga Waterfall and witness this fall take a mesmerising form which is further accentuated by the surrounding mountains and verdant Keonjhar forest. Travellers can also take a tour to another famous waterfall of Odisha, San Ghagra Waterfall which is located at some distance from Handibhanga. Besides, a village sightseeing tour is a good option to learn more about the tribes of Odisha, their culture, traditions and how they survive in the state.

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