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Siddha Mahavir Temple Odisha

Famous for the idol of a five-faced Hanuman, Siddha Mahavir Temple is located at a distance of one kilometer from Gundicha Temple. The temple witnesses a huge devotion from pilgrims who travel from across the world to get blessed here. The temple houses a huge idol of Lord Mahavir. The height of the idol is 6 feet and is established on a pedestal whose height is 2 feet. Many locals believe that Tulsidas, the author of Ramcharitmanas, had stayed here for a shorter period of time. Even though Puri is a city known for the huge following of Lord Jagannath, the city also experiences a high following of Lord Mahavir.


The temple adorns a beautiful idol of Lord Hanuman which showcases a fine work of artsmanship. At 6 feet, this idol is actually 2 feet above the ground. The pedestal on which the idol stands is of 2 feet and is decorated with carvings of various postures of Lord Hanuman like Bali, Sugriv, Jambhu Bhana, Suesena, and Angada, etc. These postures are believed to be the advisers of lord Rama during the time when he was on his way to save Goddess Sita from Demon King Ravana. These postures are locally considered as asta-mallas. But these aren’t just the tourist attraction, accompanying them is a bronze idol of Lord Hanuman is also kept on the same pedestal as the Vijay Pratima for ceremonial occasions.

The main temple called as Vimana has its three sides adorned with images of Yamraj (Southern wall), Keshari (Western wall) and Devi Anjana (Western wall). Apart from this the main entrance of the temple is decorated with various types of sculpture and scenes. Also one would be welcomed with two elephants where one is standing right behind the other that one would think that there is a single elephant only. The entrance gates of the temple are guarded with the idols of two lions. With different decorations on the gates and in the interior of the temple, the beauty is taken to another level with the presence of a pond.

Best Time to Visit

July- March and on festivals like Rama Navami, Dola Purnima, Makar Sankranti.

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