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Chakra Tirtha Temple Odisha

Located near Jagannath Temple, Chakratirtha Temple is one of the must visit temples of Odisha. Supporting to the fact that Odisha is a culturally rich state of India, this temple is a prime example. The temple has grabbed the attention of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world who make it a compulsion to visit here while they plan a trip to Odisha. Chakratirtha Temple is situated to the north of Puri and is a temple dedicated to God Nrusingha. Locally the temple is known by many names like Chakra Narayana Temple, Chakra Nrusingha Temple or Chakra Narasimha Temple.


The temple has an idol of Lord Jagannath known as Chakranarayan and the wheel which is carved out of black granite. The wheel is always found to be under water. The temple also has three images of Lord Nrusingha called Chakra Nrusingha, Laxmi Nrusingha and Abhaya Nrusingha. The form Chakra Nrusingha represents goddess Subhadra, the form of Abhaya Nrusingha represents Sri Balabhadra and the form of Laxmi Nrusingha represents Lord Jagannath.


According to the locals, the legend says that once there was a cyclone in Puri, During the cyclone the wheel situated at the top of Jagannath temple flew across in the sky and fell in Chakratirtha Temple. Another legend says that Daru (the log from which deities present at Jagannath temple were carved) touched land the very first time here only. Pilgrims also believe that Chakratirtha temple is the abode of Goddess laxmi’s father.

Best Time to Visit

One of the best time to visit Chakratirtha temple is to visit in the time period of July- March.

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