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Daria Mahavir Temple Odisha

Puri is a city in Odisha which has a huge following of Lord Jagannath. But this city is also a huge devotee of Lord Hanuman. Daria Mahabir Temple is one such example of this. The reason why people visit here is attached to its legend where the sole existence of Puri and Lord Jagannath Temple is the main concern. Located close to Chakranarayan temple, Daria Mahabir temple is also one of the oldest temples of Odisha. Tourists from all over the world pour in the whole year but a huge crowd of devotees can be seen during Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti and Pana Sankranti. This temple is also known as Bedi-Mahabir Temple which literally translates to Lord Hanuman in chains or Lord Hanuman chained up. The sea-side based temple has been attracting pilgrims from all over the world for the soothing sight of Lord Hanuman.


The architecture of the temple is quite simple as the outer walls of the temple have images of various deities carved. The southern side wall of the temple has an image of Lord Ganesha carved whereas the western side wall has the image of Anjana holding a baby in her lap carved. The northern side wall of the temple has various goddesses carved on a single pedestal. The temple faces east and has the main idol of Lord Hanuman holding Laddus (Indian Sweet) in left hand and Gada in the other.


Even though Daria Mahabir Temple’s visit is enough to make one realise its importance but what is the reason behind the huge following of lord Hanuman in Puri is mentioned ahead. According to the legend, when the temple of Lord Jagannath was built, the sea also wanted to visit and have his blessings. But the fact that if the sea entered the city it might just cause a lot of damage, Lord Jagannath gave the responsibility of guarding the sea to Lord Hanuman. One fine day, the sea did enter the city and it just happened what everybody feared. The temple of Lord Jagannath was damaged and the city faced a lot of damage. The people started praying to Lord Jagannath and asked for his help. When Lord Jagannath looked the scenario of the city, he asked Lord Hanuman for answer. Lord Hanuman answered that he was not present at the location, rather he was in Ayodhya without informing him. Upon learning the answer, Lord Jagannath chained Lord Hanuman’s hands and feet and asked him not to leave the guarding post ever again. since then the sea has never entered the city remises and hence the strong belief of the pilgrims.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is in Monsoon which starts from July and stays in India till September or early October.

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