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Holding the stature of one of the revered Char Dhams of India, Puri the ancient city of Odisha brims with the magic of tourist places that can win hearts in a blink. It's only when one walks along the many pilgrimages in Puri, chanting the name of Lord Jagannath, that he feels the outpour of peace in his soul. With every changing day, the city brings a new experience for its travellers, sometimes through its famous wildlife sanctuary, at the other with its scenic lake setting and most of all with its gripping waves and sun-toasted sand.

An Insight into Puri Tourism

Taking its share of charm from the Bay of Bengal is the city of Odisha which spreads spirituality over the eastern part of India. Puri, a fabulous tourist place which shines brighter in summers, smells earthy in monsoon and seems beautifully rustic in winters has a heart to heart connection with its travellers. It’s a tourism place in Odisha where devotees bow down in front of the divine lord Jagannath in the morning, sit back on the beach and feel serendipity in the evening and in the rest of the afternoon explore its every corner.

The city has been mostly known by the name Jagannatha Dhama due to the presence of the pristine Jagannath Temple from the 12th century. Jagannath Temple is one of the religious Char Dham sites in India which is most visited during the Rath Yatra. Moreover, it's only when the pilgrims see and get a touch of the chariot on which the Lord is carried that they feel their journey in Odisha is complete.

Moving forward, the city is a bliss for the ones who like attaching their soul to nature as Puri is also known for being shelter to the famous Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to not just migratory birds, aquatic animals but also to Spotted Deer, Blackbuck, Golden Jackals, and Hyenas. Once the travellers are done with the wildlife sightseeing tour, the city offers the splendid sight of its many top places to visit like Chilika Lake, Buddhist sites and more.

As the day exchanges its place with the balmy evening, the city pulls its travellers close to the Puri Beach, who come here to dip in the sacred water. As soon as the waves hit the shore, the white sand gets a new life which in itself is a stunning view. Plan a trip here in November and get a chance to celebrate the Annual Puri Beach festival which is among the best things to do and rejoice the marvelous moments. All of this is just a glimpse of what it’s like to holiday in Puri, as the land narrates stories only to the ones who listen close.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Puri

More than just a city, Puri is filled with the goodness of tourist attractions that the expectations of its tourists touch a level higher with every visit. Spend a few days in the lap of Puri and its famous attractions Jagannath Temple, Puri Beach, Gundicha Temple, Ramachandi Temple and you will know it all.

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