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Samaleswari Temple Odisha

Comfortably seated on the banks of Mahanadi River in Sambalpur district, Odisha, Samaleswari Temple was built in the 16th-century, and hence, it is touted as one of the oldest Hindu shrines in Odisha. The temple is devoted to Maa Samaleswari Goddess. From the ancient time, Maa Samleswari is worshipped as Mahalaxmi, Adishakti, Mahasaraswati, and Jagatjanni in the region. Moreover, the temple hosts a number of festivals with that are celebrated with so much devotion and ardour. Amongst those festivities, the famous are Nuakhai and Navratri or Dussehra. A larger chunk of devotees, from various parts of the country, can be seen celebrating these festivals at Samaleswari Temple. Apart from being a prominent pilgrimage site in the district, the place is also a good sightseeing option. In the near proximity of the temple, there are various wildlife sanctuaries that also fill the hearts of the travellers with an incredible wildlife experience.

History and Architecture of the Temple

According to the historical evidence, King Balaram Dev of Chauhan Dynasty built Samaleswari Temple in the 16th century. Once he was visiting the region where he saw the images of Goddess Samaleswari under a tree. That was the moment when he decided to build a temple of Goddess Samaleswari. But it was later rebuilt by the King Chhatra Sai Deo 1657. However, the construction of the temple completed in 1695. A special stone similar to granite, but believed to be stronger than that, was used for the construction of this temple.

This beautifully built temple is divided into two sections; first is Badagudi which is the larger part of the temple and the other one is Sanagudi (also known as Mandap) where the idols of Lord Ganesha and other deities are installed. The idol of Maa Samaleswari is located at the centre of the temple and is made up of a granite rock which is so perfectly carved and ornamented that it looks like a shape of a face. Besides, the idols of other deities are also embedded on the outer walls of the temple.


5:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

From the month of October to March (winter season), one can explore the temple and region in the most pleasant weather. The temperature during these months remains gentle and pleasant which make it the best time to visit Samaleswari Temple.

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