Best Time to Visit Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley remains inaccessible to visitors from January to March, because of the heavy snowfall. The summers and early winters are pleasant and attract tourists in large numbers. Monsoon, just like most other parts of Ladakh, is characterised by less to no rain.

When to Visit Nubra Valley?

Nubra Valley is blessed with a unique landscape, where one can see desert, meadow and mountains all at the same time and in the same place. The best time to visit Nubra Valley is from April to early October. The guest houses start opening to tourists in April while the peak tourists season sets in from May to August. From September to early October, the cold weather begins to make its appearance, but despite it, it is a great time to visit Nubra Valley for its extraordinary beauty.

Climate in Nubra Valley


Summer Season (May till August, Temperature 7°C to 22°C)

The summer season in Nubra Valley starts from May & lasts till August. The weather is extremely pleasant and all the accommodation options start opening up to tourists during this time.


Monsoon Season (July to August, Temperature 15°C to 18°C)

Even though the months from July to August can be called the monsoon season, it is characterised by little to no rainfall. This is a great time to plan your visit to Nubra Valley.


Winter Season (October to April, Temperature -8°C to -16°C)

Winter season in Nubra Valley starts from October and lasts till April. The number of tourists begin to decrease by October, but even then, it is a great time to visit to simply for its incredible beauty.

From late October, all the accommodation options remain closed and the entire region itself becomes inaccessible because of heavy snowfall.