Best Time to Visit Kargil

Summers in Kargil, which last from March to June, are extremely comfortable and pleasant. Monsoon does occur, and is often characterised by cloudbursts & sudden fall. During the winters, most of the roads are closed down as temperatures fall below -0°C.

When to Visit Kargil for Holidays?

It is advisable to plan a visit to Kargil from March to June, when the weather is pleasant and comfortable. It is not extremely cold and just right to enjoy sightseeing. It is also the time when National Highway (NH) 1 is opened for travellers.

Climate in Kargil


Summer Season (March till June, Temperature 8°C to 15°C)

The summer season in Kargil is characterised by cool nights & pleasantly warm days. The temperature can go as low as 8°C. This is also the time when the National Highway (NH) 1, which connects Srinagar to Leh, remains open for travellers.


Monsoon Season (July to September, Temperature 17°C to 10°C)

The monsoon season in Kargil starts from late July and lasts till September. You can visit Kargil during this time, although landslides & cloudbursts are quite common.


Winter Season (October to February, Temperature -5°C to -17°C)

Winters can be extremely harsh in Kargil. Along with cold weathers, there are strong winds which make the cold even more unbearable. All the roads leading to Kargil are closed during the winters.