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Monsoon in Jammu & Kashmir

When we talk about monsoon in Jammu and Kashmir, it should be remembered that its characteristics vary according to the three regions: Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Monsoon in this part of India begins from June and continues all the way to August. It can, and does vary, in its intensity and duration with every year.

Jammu receives heavy rainfall during the monsoons, with the accompanying winds bringing down the temperature by several notches. Flooding in some areas, and landslides in the hilly regions, are not uncommon. Planning a trip during this time is not advisable, as you may come across regular disturbances.

Kashmir Valley also receives heavy rainfall during the monsoons. The waters of the Jhelum River is known to cross the danger mark, bringing all tourist activity, particularly houseboat rides, to a complete stop. There are other areas that are still open for sightseeing, like Pahalgam. Visit Kashmir in August though, when the monsoon rains are just receding, and you will be treated to the pleasures of apple picking. This is the time when apples become ripe and are best plucked and enjoyed.

If you still feel like visiting this part of India during monsoon, head to Ladakh. The rains are almost non existent, and you can enjoy all the touristy activities to your heart’s content. From exploring the lakes to enjoying a ride on the Bactrian camel with its two humps, you can enjoy it all.


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