Summer Weather in Ladakh

As the snow starts to melt from Mid-May, Ladakh prepares itself to become the tourism hotspot for next three months of July, August and September. Summer season in Ladakh is eagerly anticipated by the travellers from far and wide as this part of the year gives tourists of all kind to enjoy a land as unique as Ladakh. During the months of July and August, the weather in Ladakh remains pleasant ranging between 20 - 35℃. The sky also remains clear, which of course contributes immensely in making the scenic vistas of Ladakh even more gorgeous.

Though, intermittent rains are always the possibility, and there, in fact has been an incident or two of cloudburst as well. However, Ladakh does experience a pleasant summer season and an uninterrupted tourist in-flow. Summer season in Ladakh is also packed with many cultural and religious festivals. The famed Hemis Festival along with plenty of other festivals like Ladakh Festival and Sindhu Darshan Festival are all celebrated in the summer months. This season is also perfect for trying a large number of adventure activities in Ladakh such as trekking, mountain climbing, motor biking and a plenty of others heart racing gigs.

Ladakh Tourism at a Glance