Ladakh Festival

Ladakh festival is the most popular festival celebrated all over Ladakh. It highlights deep-rooted cultural diversity of various regions and traditions. During this festival, performances are showcased from all parts of Ladakh displaying a wide range of traditional dance and music performances followed by a display of colourful robes from all around Ladakh. This creates a great opportunity for the tourists who are enthusiastic to learn and experience about Ladakhi culture and their lifestyle.

Stretching over duration of almost two weeks, Ladakh festival offers the on-lookers with vibrancy ending at the polo ground in Leh. During this time a number of activities are also organised such as archery contest, polo matches, costume dances, masked dances, craft stalls, local cuisines, Thanka exhibitions and even a music concert. Ladakh festival is one of the must-attend festivals during your tourism in Ladakh. The festival is celebrated on every September and it is noted to be held on 18 to 24 of 2017.

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