Tourist Attractions in Drass

Replete with picturesque landscape, Drass, the second coldest inhabited place in the world is ideal for relishing the spectacular beauty of nature. This tiny town in the Kargil district offer tourists the opportunity to enjoy several trekking expeditions from here to nearby villages and high mountain passes. One of the best things to do here is to reach the Manman Top, from where the entire view of the Drass Valley along with the Line of Control can be enjoyed. A walk through the Chorkiat Forest to witness the wildlife is another must thing to do in Drass.

Visiting remote villages like Dongchik and Laser La is another great way to relish the beauty of this area. Apart from this, visitors must visit the Brigade War Gallery that provides information on the infamous Kargil War and Tiger Hill. Interaction with the people of Drass is yet another must thing to do, the people in the town are warm and friendly and give tourists the opportunity to take a sneak peek in their traditional houses. Drass is perfect to savour the rustic charm and to learn a thing or two about the unknown yet surreal places.

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