Best Time to Visit Drass

Drass, the second coldest inhabited place in the world is obviously best visit in the summer season, when the Zoji Pass opens. Zoji La connects Drass with Srinagar and remains closed from October to May due to heavy snowfall. In summer season only, Drass is accessible from Srinagar.


The month of June marks the summer season in Drass. September is the month that start to see the onset of winter. During summer, one can expect intermittent rains which last no more than few minutes. The sky remains clear, thus one can see the place in better lights.


Winter season begins in the month of mid September and continues till May. It is during the winter time, the town experience the bone-chilling temperature of -45℃. Since the roads close down due to heavy snowfall, Drass is not accessible during the winter season.

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