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Clubs are not something that you would associate with Jammu and Kashmir. It owes its popularity to a lot of factors, but clubs are the last thing on a tourist's mind when he visits this region. Even then, there are many of them in this region that impress visitors with its impressive hospitality, excellent facilities and ample opportunities for recreation. Others endear themselves with their sumptuous food. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and family or interact with people against relaxed settings. This overview tells you about the most famous clubs in Jammu and Kashmir along with the amenities, services and other features that make them so.

Amar Singh Club at Bikram Chowk, Jammu, is one of the oldest and most respected clubs in this region. It was named after Raja Amar Singh of the erstwhile ruling family. Ever since its establishment, it has gained an enormous popularity. Today, it boasts several amenities like swimming pool, guest house, bar, restaurant, card room and health club.A few young journalists back in January 1992 got together and decided to create a club.

That is how the Press Club came into existence. They intended it to be a place where they, along with their colleagues, could seek rest, relaxation and entertainment form their hectic and demanding professional lives. They were supported in this endeavour by veteran journalists.

Those looking to have a great time would do well to check out Jammu Club, located at Jewel Chowk in Jammu. It endears itself to tourists not just with its amazing services but delectable snacks too.  Although there aren’t many clubs in Kashmir, there is the Nigeen Club. It is famous for its enormous size, lovely ambience and top notch amenities.

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