Best Time to Visit Ladakh

Being a high altitude destination, Ladakh experiences only two type of weather, summer and winter. Though intermittent rains are always the possibility, there are no period that can be named as monsoon season. With rapidly growing tourism in Ladakh, better transport facilities and travellers’ interest in attempting something extraordinary have made Ladakh a destination ideal for both summer and winter season. While most of the people like to visit Ladakh during the summers season i.e June to September, the adventure junkies challenge themselves in winters between October and April.


The onset of summer season is in Mid-May, when the snow starts to melt slowly. However, it is until the Mid-June, Ladakh does not get a large number of tourists. With a pleasant 30℃ or more, July to August can be easily called the best period to visit Ladakh. It is during these months, the snow melts completely, the roads remain unblocked and a lot safer.


October marks the beginning of the biting cold season of winter in Ladakh. Winter season is a longer period than summer in Ladakh, and experience less in-flow of the tourists. However, adventure souls find reasons enough to visit Ladakh in winter as well. Most importantly for winter treks like Chadar in Zanskar Region. The average temperature in Ladakh dip as low as -15℃ when even the rivers and lakes freeze and the motorable routes are no more accessible. In fact the two main mountain passes namely, Rohtang (Manali-Leh) and Zoji La (Srinagar-Leh) that connect Leh with other parts of India by road also close down.

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