Best Time to Visit Kargil

The best season to visit Kargil is during summers when the sky is blue and the weather is pleasant. Kargil is a beautiful destination to visit and this place is endowed with different charm in all seasons. For a clearer understanding on when to visit Kargil, we have laid a monthly breakup.

Summers in Kargil: April to June

starts from the month of April and lasts till June. During these months the tourist starts to make their way to this beautiful place. With the temperature lingering between 15° C - 30° C this season is preferred if you love nature and enjoy the raw beauty of Kargil.

Monsoons in Kargil: July to September

Winter season begins in the month of mid September and continues till May. It is during the winter time, the town experience the bone-chilling temperature of -45℃. Since the roads close down due to heavy snowfall, Drass is not accessible during the winter season.

Winters in Kargil: October to February

You will find snow everywhere during winters in Kargil. The temperature during winters lowers between -15 to -20 degrees C, this makes travelling to Kargil difficult. Also, in this season some of the roads are generally closed. However, there is no denying, winter give a completely breathtaking makeover of Kargil.

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