Aina Mahal Kutch

Aina Mahal Kutch, Gujarat

Aina Mahal Bhuj Kutch

Gleaming, glowing and shimmering, the Aina Mahal in Bhuj is one of the finest examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture constructed ever in India. This dreamy palace is the divine creation of Ramsinh Malam. The palace is unique and extraordinary in terms of interiors and architecture. Many water bodies and fountains are engulfed in the interiors of the palace, forming a variety of patterns that charms the viewers. Spread over two floors, the building features Darbar Hall, a hall of mirrors, and suites belonging to the various members of the royal family.

The fabulous Aina Mahal is a part of the extravagant Darbargadh Palace of Bhuj. Content and the architecture of the palace are associated with the life story of its architect, Ramsinh Malam, who was rescued by the Dutch when he got shipwrecked at the East African Coast. Later, he was taken to Netherlands, where he mastered the art of tile making, enamelling, and clock making. Years later when Ramsinh came back to Kutch, the ruler of Kutch- Rao Lakha gave him an opportunity to display his skills. The Aina Mahal was thus ornamented with Venetian-style chandeliers, silver objects, clocks –all made locally under the Ramsinh’s supervision. Superb local craft like scroll paintings, jewelled swords, ivory inlaid doors, and paintings depicting processions are displayed in the palace.

Aina Mahal Bhuj Kutch

Museum is also a part of Aina Mahal. Exhibits displayed in the museum include paintings, photographs, royal possessions and finest samples of the Kutch embroidery. An exquisite collection of the museum also includes 15 m long scroll that depicts the Royal Procession of Maharao Shri Pragmalji Bahadur. The fort also holds a compound; a portion of the same is almost in ruins. With so many attractions to see, Aina Mahal is surely a significant heritage of the Kutch region.

Address: Aaina Mahal, Ashapura Road, Hmirsher Likn, Bhuj, Gujarat, India

Timing: 09:00 AM to 12 Noon & 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM, Thursday Closed