Best Time to Visit Ziro Valley

Ziro Valley has pleasant weather all year round, and thus can be visited any time of the year. How the period from October to April is quite appropriate to plan a holiday in Ziro. Even though, the valley becomes really chilly in months of December and January, one will enjoy the warmth during the daytime and the clear skies as well.

Summers :

In summer time, which is between April and June, Ziro becomes quite warm. The average temperature ranges between 6 and 20 Degree Celsius making it a great time to be visited by the tourists.

Monsoons :

The monsoon period is pleasant also which average temperature between 2 and 19 Degree Celsius. However, reaching Ziro via Assam can get little difficult because of the flood-like condition in this neighbouring state.

Winters :

Winter period between October and March is quite appropriate to plan a holiday in Ziro. Where on the one side the temperature dips till -13 Degree Celsius (sometimes), the day time can be as warm as 14 Degree Celsius. Carry a lot of heavy woollens and you will be able to enjoy winters in Ziro as well.


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