Delhi Hospital Win Hearts by Curing Nigerian Woman’s Inoperable Tumor

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  • 14 Sep, 2017

Doctors are next to God for the reason that when a person suffering from a disease gives up, its the doctor that vows to heal them to their best of capability. Aysha Mohammad, from the African country of Nigeria never thought that a miracle like this would happen where her inoperable tumor could be cured in a Delhi Hospital!

Struggling from thyroid cancer for almost 13 years, where the thyroid gland which was completely removed at first, was treated for the second time after 5 years. Dawning on the woman’s life again a virulent lump reappeared in the year 2012 and it doesn’t end here. As the 70 years old woman got her courage together for the operation, she was baffled when doctors of her own country claimed that the tumor is ‘inoperable’.

That’s where, Dr.Vivek Gupta of Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh came to the rescue as her consultant. The Oncologist Surgeon told her that the lump can be cured but there’s a huge risk of immense bleeding which could lead to loss of blood supply to the left side of the brain resulting in half paralysis and permanent tracheostomy due to weakness of the windpipe because of persistent pressure on the large tumour.

Max Super Specialty Hospital which has doctors who are specialized in curing cancers and other ailments, took on the challenge to heal the lump, and hence came up with a successful operation in June this year. With a stable condition, Aysha is back to her normal happy life in Nigeria now, thanks to the hospital.

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