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8 Tigers Died in 22 days in Madhya Pradesh

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If you are a tiger lover or wildlife enthusiast, this is a piece of news that will leave you extremely saddened & frustrated. According to news sources, the state of Madhya Pradesh, known as the “Tiger State of India”, witnessed 8 tiger deaths in the last 22 days. The ages of all the dead tigers is believed to be less than 10 years. It is believed that some of the deaths were caused by infighting, while prolonged illness is said to have caused the other deaths.

Sudden rise in Tiger deaths a concern

From January to March, not one tiger death was observed in the state. After that though, the tiger deaths increased at an alarming rate. On Wednesday, two tiger deaths were recorded at the same time, one in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve & the other in Mukundpur Zoo. The forest department has not been able to determine the precise reason behind the rapid tiger deaths.

Bandhavgarh sees the highest tiger deaths in Madhya Pradesh

The maximum number of tiger deaths occurred in Bandhavgarh National Park, followed by Kanha National Park. A tiger’s death was also reported in Burhanpur Forest, located in the border of Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra.

According to reports, the carcass of the tiger in Bandhavgarh was found in the very spot where a tiger had mauled a girl to death some days back. Officials suspect that the tiger may have been poisoned by the villagers.

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