Best 15 Tourist Destinations Perfect for Nature and Adventure Tours in Asia

Top 15 Romantic Trips in Asia for Adventure & Nature Lovers

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So the time to venture on a new holiday in Asia has finally surfaced on your mind but with so many countries to choose from, what can you do, you ask? Na ah…dont worry, this blog has all that covered up with a number of top places to visit in Asia. From letting your heart lose to the surreal realms of Kerala, India to holding hands and exploring the deep underwater secrets at Phuket, Thailand; from proposing in the most eccentric and romantic style in a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar to racing with each other on your bikes through lush forests in Bali, Indonesia. These are just really small examples of what all is there to explore in Asia, I’d call it the actual couple goals, let me know if you agree! This blog here, is going to be your perfect travel guide helping you with where to go in Asia accompanied with a list of fun things to do whether you love adventure activities a percent extra or rate nature tours a 10 in your list.

Power Couples who Love Adventure Sports

1. Unveil the Underwater Mysteries by Scuba Diving in Phuket


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Water sports circling your mind? Think of scuba diving, the only promising watersport that will give your pumping hearts another reason to beat for adventure. Now there are so many places perfect for scuba diving but Phuket is a place like no other and we will tell you why (did this line take you to the famous song by Backstreet Boys, it took me too) Well, coming back to the blog where the charming Koch Racha Yai awaits you for gearing up for the most fun-filled diving experience. Being located at a short distance from Phuket, if you are an amateur or a professional, this island is your friend both ways. The real adventure here begins when you dip yourself in the majestic marine life of Koch Racha Yai as not only it harbours an exclusive variety of aquatic animals to swim with but elephant statues, coral formations and many more such things to add to the fun. With that being said, the visibility underwaters range between 20-30 metres, met your expectations of a perfect destination, eh?

Best time to visit: March to September

2. Write your Name on the Sky by Paragliding in Bir billing, India


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A crowd puller in the truest sense, Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh for a reason is ranked as the 2nd best paragliding destination in the world and called the Paragliding Capital of India. Nurtured in the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalaya, you are bound to relish every moment spent here as Bir Billing has that perfect sort of climate and cloud base of 4000-6000 m which means one can fly to higher heights. So whether you fly solo which requires proper training for 10-12 days or tandem where a trained pilot will fly along with you, this experience is gonna be worth going gaga about. Another factor that makes Bir Billing your go to holiday destination is that it has the smoothest take-off site where you push off from 2438m above the sea level where the ride lasts for 15-30 minutes and gives you the joy of a lifetime, finally landing you at a height of 1310m above the sea level.

Best time to visit: October to June

3. Rekindle love on a Hot air balloon ride in Bagan, Myanmar


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Get carried away, like literally and have the most fun-filled travel experience in Bagan sitting in your basket and sighting the ancient temples dating back to 11th Century. Ranked as the best places to visit in Asia, Myanmar which probably is part of a traveller’s wishlist for its beaches, lakes, churches and pagodas is going to take you by surprise and become your all-time adventure getaway choice for a long time. It’s only when the weather is in your favour and by that, I mean pleasant and soothing accompanied with the mesmerising sunset, will you be able to have the best sort of sightseeing tour in your balloon and spot a panoramic view of the 2200 pagodas and temples and capture them in your camera lens.

Best time to visit: October to Mid-March

4. Challenge your fears by venturing on a wildlife safari in Komodo National Park, Indonesia


When we talk about National Parks in Asia, your head could go bizzare and might just lose count. After lots of research I have picked my favourite and probably it will be yours too after reading this blog. Awarded as one of the Natural Wonders of the World and revered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park in Indonesia is not just my choice but of many travellers across the world. This National Park set up in the realms of Lesser Sunda Islands is itself home to 26 small islands and 3 large ones namely Komodo, Rinca and Padar. The aim behind the setting up of this National Park which is now known as one of the World’s Best Places to Visit was to conserve the world’s largest lizard, Komodo dragon. As time progressed, Komodo National Park also became a roof to other species as well.

Best time to visit: April to December

5. Jump and see the new side of Emirates by skydiving in Dubai


Dubai, a city dipped in luxury is not just for those who love spending every last penny on shopping as it opens its arm to adventure lovers as well. The city proffers its travellers not just the land but the limitless sky to explore through skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah or desert dunes. Step up, push your limitsand jump from a height of 4000 m to own the sky, for fear may follow you but you should know how to outlast it. The dive lasts for five minutes where you get to overlook the beauteous site of this city with Palm Jumeirah being a top view attraction.

Best time to visit: October to March

6. Explore the hidden caves of Vietnam by Spelunking in Phong Nha


Prepossessing a beauty which is treasured in the travel stories of globetrotters, Vietnam is among the top places to visit in southeast Asia which has its own charisma. Popularly known for its easy on the eye landscapes, humble natives, and did someone say coffee? Well yes sipping some coffee and trying on some delicacies is a must while here. Coming to the main point, Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park which is an essential part of Vietnam awaits for its travellers who love taking on adventures, maybe you are next! Housing the Paradise and Dark Cave, this protected area is lushly surrounded by mountains, underground rivers, forests and is particularly known for the prehistoric limestone karsts which can morph over a period of time let’s say millions of years.Where on one hand, the way to Paradise cave leads via a tram ride followed by some trekking which finally lands you near a hole(entrance) of the cave leading you to the astounding inside view. On the other Dark Cave as the name suggests, is a comparatively unlit way whose way to entrance is to be covered by ziplining and swimming. The view again is one of its kind and can be experienced only by paying a visit.

Best time to visit: February to August

7. Witness the Untouched beauty of Bali and Java by Mountain Biking


I didn’t realise while writing this blog that when Indonesia became one of my favourite destination whether it was for adventure of nature.Well now that I have realised, why don’t you on my recommendation pack your bags to take on the roads of Bali and Java for a mountain biking tour.Talking of which, Bali with a topography like no other, stands out as a must visit place for biking adventures inviting you to see its land the way no one has ever seen. While here not only do you have the opportunity to sight the largest acidic and mineralised Volcanic water lake on earth named Ijen crater lake, but also touch down the offbeat beach traversing through the lush forests. For an unusual way to enjoy, you along with your partner in crime can try on some mouthwatering food, whiff the cocoa and coffee production or raft in Ayung, the longest river of Bali once you one of you is done winning the bet while mountain biking.

Best time to visit: May to September

8. Raft through the rowdy waves in Nepal via White water rafting


A trip in Asia is never complete without trying white water rafting, while there are so many top places in India itself, we thought of picking something unusual and amazing for you. Embracing the Southern part of Asia, Nepal is one of top destinations that attracts wanderers for rafting in the many rivers belonging to different classes of difficulty. Out of all, Karnali river which is graded as class 4 is our pick for you which is a 10 days tour where the journey starts when you reach Kathmandu and then move towards the starting point of actual rafting expedition which is Dungeshwor. Fighting out the unsteady waves, barrier like passages and pushing the risk away with your raft, you might also get a delightful view of the villages and lush forests harbored here. And with every push with your raft you completed your actual challenge and finally come close to your destination Chisapani. Feels great,right? Well well couple there is more for you as Bardia National park is also located nearby if you want to pay a quick visit to the wildside of Nepal.

River Days: 10 Days
Rafting Grade: 3-5 Class
Put in Point: Dungeshwor
Ending Point: Chisapani

Best time to visit: May to September

Power Couples who Love Attaching their Soul to the Nature

1. Claim your love for nature by riding houseboats in Kerala


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One of the most promising journey for a nature lover can be through the backwaters of Kerala. Why you would ask, well because there can’t be anything as prismatic, as rejuvenating and as pleasing than the sight of the Kumarakom Island> which is settled on the verge of Vembanad Lake., the longest lake housed by India and the largest in Kerala. Soothing waters of this lake touches the Alleppey in South and Kochi in the North and is a roof for migratory birds from across the globe. With the calm wind that ripples through your clothes and swiftly touching your cheeks,the best way to relish all the beauty veiled in the form of nature is to sail in a houseboat and make friends with over 150 kinds of aquatic creatures found here.

Best time to visit: November to February

2. Let the pink flowers bring joy to your heart at Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan


Giggling to the first sight of the blooming Sakura are the many travellers on their honeymoon holidays and natives of Japan. Sakura which paints the whole country pink from the month of March, there is no sight as beautiful as the veiled streets of Japan. Taking over Okinawa in the month of January or February, the flowers slowly make their way to Japan where to get most of the grace of God, people relish Hanami (flower viewing) or party with family, friends or colleagues under the blooming cherry trees. And you would see everyone so in love with the Hanami season that there are actually events and festivals celebrated on the theme of cherry blossom. And wait as the Sakura obsession doesn’t end here as there are even especially crafted sakura products and delicacies like beers, lattes, crisps, kitkat and dumpling available in this season. With the end of May, the cherry blossoms leaps to an end with a late blooming season in Hokkaido.

Best time to visit: March to May

3. Illuminate your way the Maldives style at Vaadhoo beach


Gleaming like a sky upside down is the beloved possession of Maldives, Vaadhoo beach which is one of the best nature sightseeing places in Asia. A vision in the night time, its the presence of bioluminescent plankton in the coastal waters that takes all the credit for the shimmering blue/green light on the beach. Its when the sea waves come rushing towards the beach, does the dark is sidecasted by the glowing water acting like a mirror image on the heavenly sky. Go diving or just stroll round the shining beach with your loved ones and spend your holidays looming your soul to the beauty of Maldives.

Best time to visit: May to November

4. Be the rainbow in your lovers cloud at Rainbow mountains in China


Did this thought ever cross your mind that there could possibly be a landscape coloured the rainbow way? Well we aren’t really joking here as China, whose goods we must have used at least once in our life is the proud home to the Rainbow Mountains, a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.And even though it might seem a masterpiece by mankind, its not the case with these mountains as they are purely a natural phenomenon. The ever so attracting colors are present due to climate conditions, tectonic shifts and above all the weathering of red terrigenous sedimentary beds. This popular tourist attraction set in the Zhangye Danxia National Park in Gansu province puts travellers in a state of wonderment as to how is it possible for a place to be colored in such an exquisite manner. Out of all the varied hues, red sandstone stands out as the primary color and is quite noticeable even from a distance.

Best time to visit: June to September

5. Give names to stars while Stargazing at Palawan, the Philippines


How can we miss out on the couples who love walking under the glimmering sky and owning every star that adds to the shine of Palawan. Home to the Nacpan beach is the town of El Nido which is popularly known among international tourists being the best spots in this southeast asian country for stargazing and of course a must visit romantic destination. Palawan which is ranked as the best island in the world sets the whole sky under your feet to sit back and take in the absolute aura of being away from your own land’s hustle bustle.

Best time to visit: November to March

6. Relish the sight of cotton like castles at Pamukkale in Turkey


This next destination wrapped in mystery needs no introduction as it is one of the shining UNESCO World Heritage Sites that belong to Turkey. And it would be an understatement to call this city just beautiful cause just one look can actually leave you wonderstruck. Pamukkale which translates to ‘Cotton Castle’ is legit what it means, as these overbrimming landscapes of cerulean mineral water are sure to be called outlandish. Lifting history of this natural phenomenon, it is said that there lies an expansive source of water in the immeasurable depths of earth below the city which is known for being heated by volcanic lava. Containing 17 hot springs whose temperature range from 35 to 100℃, just a dip in the hot water spa of Pamukkale is said to heal diseases like rheumatism and asthma. One can also take a tour around the city and spot places like Byzantine Church, Temple of Apollo and the large amphitheatre.

Best time to visit: February to April; August to October

7. Take in the refreshing vibes of the waves at Dickwella beach in Sri Lanka


Celebrate love on the shimmering sands of Dickwella beach in Sri Lanka, which is a popular honeymoon destination and famous among couples and honeymooners for whom idyllic environs are a heaven on earth. Snuggled in the southern part of the nation, Dickwella offers its travellers with a good amount of lavish resorts adding to the charm of the hush hush setting along with major safe spots to enjoy water sport activities like swimming as the area is covered sand bars, reefs and headlands. Besides, the beach is close by to Buddhist temples where annual fests are organised along with Dickwella market to take some extra bags home.

Best time to visit: February to April; August to October

I now think we might just end up saying it in unison that Asia you truly are a treasure full of gem like tourist destinations. Well why shouldn’t we when at every nook there are so many applause worthy places and activities that might just sweep you off your feet. Keeping every sort of travellers taste in mind, these top places to visit in southeast Asia and other parts offers a plethora of opportunities for you to either go crazy with adventure sports or maybe just let the picturesque setting you are in do the talking.

Done picking your favourite? If yes then what are you waiting for, go pack and rejoice the sweet pleasures of life with your loved one. Having problems planning? Well we are here to help. Call us at +91-9212553106 or mail at and get all the travel tips and information regarding best time to visit, how to reach and much more. We also have affordable tour packages that might be just perfect for your much-awaited romantic holidays in Asia. Do like and share the blog!

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