Desert Safari and Camping in Nubra Valley… The Hunder Sand Dunes

Desert Safari and Camping in Nubra Valley… The Hunder Sand Dunes
Last Updated: July 26, 2018

Just imagine a unique way to enrich your destiny… camping in an oasis under the stargazed sky, moonlight wine and dine and cool breeze bringing forth an intimacy. ‘Ah! I could only think of a romantic Hymn (a devoted romance) with my amorist at the Hunder Sand Dunes.’


[Pic 1: Hunder Sand Dunes, Nubra Valley. Photo Courtesy @]

Miles to go before you reach your destiny

Travelling to the Ladakh region is now in everyone’s travel diary. Be it a honeymoon couple or family, group of bikers heading for a classy road trip or explorers digging out the traces of ancient civilizations and trekkers onto tough trails or pilgrims on their journey from monastery to monastery, tourism in Ladakh has pulled in every traveller’s heart and soul. From camping under the stargazed sky at the serene ambiance of the pristine blue water lakes to the treks undertaken that passes through rutty and rocky tracks, Ladakh has been a hub of several adventure activities. But now the time has come to reach beyond the eyes of leisure travellers… to a haven where lies an oasis in the middle of the cold desert. If you have ever thought about writing your own destiny, then be it your next trip to the silver sand dunes of Hunder in the Nubra Valley region.

An oasis that has a world of its own

It’s beyond one’s dream… at an elevation of approximately 4,,000 meters, a vast bed of silver sands that is cut across by a gentle stream and the beautiful countryside, which is layered in a lush green pasture, and snow clad mountains at the backdrop, the Hunder Sand Dunes and its colourful vicinity is just like a fairy world. It opens up within no time after crossing the popular town of Diskit in the Nubra Valley region.


[Pic 2: Bactrian Camel Safari at Hunder. Photo Source @]

The desert has much more to say and display.

It’s the home to the Bactrian Camels, the main mode of transport on the ancient silk route, and Pashmina Goats, which are used for making Pashmina shawls. The safari on the Bactrian camel across the Hunder Sand Dunes takes you to a silhouette that draws the ancient trade route with Central Asia and to the remote village of Hunder where you will get a line of a language that is spoken but not written and a culture that follows its age old customs… Hunder, you will discover, is a world of its own. Further, you will be exposed to its rich vicinity that is stuffed with the forest of sea-buckthorn, which is a medicinal plant, and vast expanse of green and abounds with cultivable land. The desert safari in Hunder is an unexampled prosperity in Ladakh Tourism.

Safari Timings

One just cannot think of a desert safari in the Trans-Himalayan region, but tourism in Ladakh has already strung up the board with safari timings from 9 am to 12 noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm right at the entrance of the Hunder Sand Dunes.


[Pic 3: Safari Timings at Hunder. Photo Source @]

… And beyond since 2010

The Nubra valley region was open for tourists till Hunder until 2010. Bedded in a lush green pasture, the village of Turtuk which was unseen by tourists till 2010 is a virgin destination for people who seek peace and an interaction with a tribal community of Ladakh beyond Hunder.

Other attractions around Hunder

The Nubra Valley region is a popular destination to travel on your Ladakh tour. Blessed by the River Nubra that has the Siachen Glacier as its source, the valley is dotted with several villages that house a distinct culture and rich bed of cultivable land. Panamik village, which is the last village open for the tourists in the Nubra Valley, is popular for curative hot springs that contain high amount of sulphur. Further, the remote hamlet is also a stopover for trekkers on their way to Ensa Gompa, which is approximately 25 years old and holds several Buddhist murals and scriptures. Further, the Diskit Monastery that belongs to the Gelukpa sect is one of the ancient monasteries in the Nubra Valley region, which is approximately 7-8 kilometers away from the Hunder Sand Dunes. Some other places to visit in Nubra Valley are the Samstangling Monastery, Hunder Monastery and Yarab Tso, which is close to Sumur village.

 diskit-monastery width=

[Pic 4: Diskit Monastery, Nubra Valley. Photo Source @]

How to reach Hunder

Nearest Airport & City Followed by To
Leh Khardung La Diskit

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Published: 05 Feb, 2014
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