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10 Best Places to Visit Near Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Be it the essence of spirituality; wild and serene ambiance, cultural and heritage splendors or refreshing hill stations, Satna always attracts Tourists for its vast wealth of spiritual, heritage sites and refreshing vistas of nature. Satna used to be a princely state in earlier times which is the reason why it has the influence of Baghel Rajputs, Parihar Rajputs, and Kachwaha Rajputs clans. No doubt why it has enormous scenic heritage sites. One more interesting fact about this place is that if having some of the most scenic spots was an Olympic event then Satna definitely would have won a gold medal in It. Satna shares its borders with Uttar Pradesh in the North, Panna in the west, Sidhi in East and Umaria in South. So, there is no dearth of attractive tourist destinations for an awesome vacation around Satna.  If you are planning a holiday trip to Madhya Pradesh then along with Satna you can visit some of the most charming tourist destinations decked around Satna.

Here is a list of 10 best places to visit near Satna, Madhya Pradesh

  • Panna National Park
  • Sharda Devi Temple
  • Ramvan
  • Bharhut Stupa
  • Chitrakoot Dham
  • Neelkanth Baba Ashram
  • Maitri Park
  • Pannikhoh Falls
  • Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo White Tiger Safari and Zoo Mukundpur
  • Madhavgarh Fort

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Panna National Park


Why not? If you are looking for a best place to visit near Satna, Panna National Park is the place to rejuvenate your senses and soul. Panna National Park is also one of the main tourist places and wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh. Various wildlife species including royal tiger, leopard (Panthera pardus), wild dog (Coon alpinus), wolf (Canis lupus), hyena, chital, chinkara, bear, nilgai are found in Panna National Park.

Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy thrilling wildlife Safari at Panna National Park. Along with wildlife, more than 200 species of birds including white-necked stork, swan, honey buzzard, king vulture, blossom and a variety of snake species including pythons can also be seen in this park. The serene wilderness of the park captivates the senses of nature lovers and wildlife photographers too. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit near Satna within 100km.

Distance from Satna– 89.9kms

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Sharda Devi Temple

Sharda Devi Temple Madhya Pradesh

60 km away from Satna in the town of Maihar, Sharda Devi Temple is one of the top tourist destinations near Satna. It is said that Devi Sharda is an incarnation of Goddess Durga. She is a goddess of Learning. The temple is located atop the Trikuta Hill. It is a little difficult to reach the temple as pilgrims have to climb 1063 steps to get the divine blessings of Maa Sharda.

There is an interesting legend behind this temple. It is said that the ardent devotees of Maa Sharda were the first ever to visit this temple amidst the dense forest and call the goddess by the name of Maa Sharda. There is also a facility of ropeway ride for those who are unable to climb too many steps and it costs around INR110.

The serene views of hills and lush vegetation around the temple makes it one of the most beautiful and best destinations to visit near Satna for spiritual escape and nature sightseeing.

Distance from Satna– 60 Kms

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Ramvan Near Satna Madhya Pradesh

Ramvan is a must-see tourist attraction near Satna. In Ram Van Mandir you will be captivated by a huge statue of Lord Hanuman, which is in a standing position. The most interesting thing about this temple is that the height of this statue increases every year. Out of curiosity people come from all across India to see this statue. There are many other scenic tourist attractions to explore here. Here you can come and see Panchavati, where Lord Rama himself had planted five trees here.

Tulsi Museum is also located in Ram Van where you will see a collection of books in the Tulsi Museum. Apart from this, you get to see beautiful sculptures here. It is said that once upon a time, Banaras resident businessman Babu Sharda Prasad had come to Satna to do business related to vehicle agency here. So, he bought 64 acres of land and got the idol of Hanuman ji installed here.

It is said that the statue of Hanuman ji is about 70 years old. It is also one of the best places to be with your family and friends. Boating is the best thing to do in the pond near Ram Van Mandir. There is one temple of Lord Shiva that is also situated on the bank of the pond.

Distance from Satna – 16kms

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Bharhut Stupa

Bharhut Stupa Madhya Pradesh

Another amazing tourist attraction near Satna is Bharhut Stupa. If you want to explore something different from normal sightseeing places around Satna then you must visit this place. It is a renowned Buddhist site built by emperor Ashoka. You will get to see old Buddhist relics and sculptures here which were discovered by a British archaeologist Alexander Cunningham in the year 1873. Till 1870’s Bharhut was unknown to much of India. Here you will find some interesting inscriptions by King Ashoka, ancient Buddhist relics and sculptures.

Distance from Satna– 23kms

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Chitrakoot Dham

Chitrkoot Madhya Pradesh

Located 60kms away, Chitrakoot is one of the best tourist spots to visit near Satna. This place is a major pilgrimage place for Hindu devotees. It is said that here Lord Rama, His Devi Sita and Brother Laxmana spend the entire 11 years of their exile. India’s religious landscape is incomplete without this sacred place.

As per the legends, it is believed that all the gods and goddesses visited Chitrakoot when Lord Rama performed the last rites of his father. If you are in Chitrakoot you must also visit these sacred places of Kamadgiri, Sati Anasuya Ashram, Sphatik Shila, Janki Kund and GuptGodavari etc.  to make your Satna tour more blissful.

Distance from Satna- 60kms

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Neelkanth Baba Ashram

Neelkanth Baba Ashram is one of the top visiting places near Satna Neelkanth Ashram is located near Maihar. This place is a hub of serene vistas of nature and blissful temples. Neelkanth Baba Ashram will be located at a distance of about 11 kms from Maihar. This place is known as Rampur hill and it is said that Maharaj Neelkanth ji did penance here.

Apart from Neelkanth Baba Ashram you can also visit the ancient temple of Radha Krishna Mandir Ji. There is a deep moat here, which looks very beautiful and it is filled with greenery during the rainy season. The waterfalls during the rainy season look absolutely gorgeous here. It was Neelkanth Maharaj Ji who established the Radha Krishna temple here. Here you also get to see the idols of Ganesh ji, Shankar ji, and other deities.

Distance from Satna – 53.7kms

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Maitri Park

Maitri Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions for picnics near Satna. It is a beautiful garden located in Badripuram in Satna city. Situated on the outskirts of Satna district on one side of this park you will witness the airport and on the other side you get to see a beautiful pond. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva near the pond.

This park is a perfect place to spend amazing time with family and friends. You kids will also enjoy it a lot here as there are a lot of swings for children here. You can spend your good time by coming to this park. A huge statue of Hanuman, many sculptures of animals make this place one of the top visiting tourist attractions near Satna.

Distance from Stana– 7.5km

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Pannikhoh Waterfalls

Pannikhoh Waterfalls in Maihar is one of the best places of tourist interest near Satna. This waterfall is situated in the middle of dense forests. Here you can spend some of the most fun-filled moments with your family and friends and rejuvenate yourself amidst the splendid views of nature. There is a scenic road to the waterfall that also passes through the forest. The ancient temple near this waterfall makes this place quite mystical. This temple is built in a cave in the middle of the mountains. It is said that saints used to do penance in these temples. Water seeps into these caves during the rainy season. You can also enjoy bathing in this waterfall. It is quite a gorgeous place for nature photography and a memorable weekend.

Distance from Satna- 56.8km

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Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo White Tiger Safari and Zoo Mukundpur

White Tiger Safari or Zoo is a top tourist attraction near Satna. This place is very famous for white lions. Apart from white lions, you also get to see 40 different endangered species and 60 non-endangered species, 30 species of reptiles and 90 species of birds here. White Tiger Safari is located at a distance of 53 km from Satna city.

Mukundpur White Tiger Safari is called the paradise of White Lions, as the world’s first white lion Mohan was found here. The credit of finding the white lion goes to Maharaja Martand Singh Judeo. The thrilling wildlife safari in Mukundpur Zoo is one of the top tourist activities to enjoy near Satna. You can enjoy walking safari, battery operated auto safari as well as bicycle safari here. here. You can enjoy safari by bicycle here and you can also enjoy battery operated auto safari here. Apart from White Lions, you will also spot cheetahs, deer, bears, and crocodiles etc.

Distance from Satna– 53kms

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Madhavgarh Fort

Madhavgarh Fort Madhya Pradesh

The Madhavgarh Fort located in Rewa Highway is one of the best places to include in the Satna Travel itinerary. This fort looks very attractive from the bridge over the river Tamas. The beautiful paintings made on the walls of the fort makes it one of the most attractive tourist places in Satna. You get to see some umbrellas outside this fort. A Shivling is installed in these umbrellas. The fort is 400 years old. Madhavgarh Fort was built by Maharaja Vishwanath Singh Judeo of Rewa princely state. This fort was built in the 18th century. This fort is in Bagheli style. This fort is also very well visible from the highway road. If you love visiting heritage tourist attractions then you must visit Madhavgarh Fort. You will surely love this place. One drawback of this place is that you can only see this fort from outside.

Distance from Satna– 7kms

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Nearby tourist attractions of Satna definitely have a charm that is difficult to resist. There is no way that can keep you away from visiting these top tourist places for an amazing and fun filled sightseeing tour around Satna.  It keeps the best part of Madhya Pradesh Tourism, the spiritual vibes, the natural splendors, exotic wildlife, gorgeous waterfalls and lush gardens makes the places around Satna indeed worth a visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Satna?

Winter time October to March is the best time to visit in Satna. During this time sightseeing will be very pleasant. The scorching heat of sun will not bother you from doing any outdoor activities and exploring nearby areas around Satna.

What are the top waterfalls to visit near Satna?

Top waterfalls to visit near Satna are –

  • Purwa Falls
  • Keoti Falls
  • Chachai Falls
  • Bahuti Falls
  • Pandav Falls
  • Raneh Falls
  • Pannikhoh Falls

What are the top hill stations to visit near Satna?

Top hill stations to visit near Satna are-

  • Pachmarhi
  • Netarhat
  • Chikhaldara
  • Ramgarh
  • Mandu Hill
  • Shivpuri Hill
  • Omkareshwar Hill
  • Amarkantak Hill
  • Tamia Hill

What are the top picnic spots in Satna?

Top Picnic spots to spend wonderful time with family and friends in Satna are –

  • Ramvan
  • Jagatdev Talab
  • Pannikkoh Falls
  • Maitri Park
  • Pushkarni Park
  • Satna Park

What is Satna famous for?

Top Picnic spots to spend wonderful time with family and friends in Satna are –

Satna is one of the most popular travel destinations to visit in India. It is very popular for its serene temples and historical sites. Satna houses some of the most prominent sacred sites like Chitrakoot Dham, Sai Baba Mandir in Dhawari, Rawatpura Sarkar Ashram, Sharadha Devi Temple, Venkatesh Temple etc. Due to its sacred sites, Satna is considered as the best spiritual getaway in India.

Published: 01 Jun, 2022

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