15 Things to Do on a Family Vacation in Madhya Pradesh

15 Things to Do on a Family Vacation in Madhya Pradesh
Last Updated: June 22, 2019

Travelling to Madhya Pradesh is an experience and it enhances even more when a trip with family is planned. Rarely would you find a destination that fairly has just about everything. Madhya Pradesgh gives enough reasons like adventure, leisure, recreation, history and culture to plan a family holiday. Each member of the family will find something of their interest and indeed there is so much in the state that will help build a new interest itself. Here are 15 things that you must do on a family vacation in a state as diverse and culturally rich as Madhya Pradesh.

Heritage Tour to Orchha

Orchha Cenotaphs

Photo: Amit Rawat

The newly emerging tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh, Orchha is a perfect destination to learn about the rich history of Madhya Pradesh. Adorned with fort, temples and cenotaphs, Orchha is indeed the finest example of the exquisite Bundela art. The place was once boasted tile work and painted murals. Yes, the paintings are in debilitating state but with the recent investment in Orchha by UNESCO, the place is likely to retain its royal look in near future. Situated on the bank of Betwa, Orchha is one of those places that can transport you to another world. The sky-kissing temple gopurams and the perfect silence at the cenotaphs can actually press the curiosity button in most of us.

River Rafting at Orchha

River Rafting MP

Photo: Parth Joshi

And while you are at, I mean in Orchha, here is one thing that you must try and that is river rafting. Making news ever since it has been initiated, river rafting in Orchha is one of the best family activities one can think of in this heritage capital. Different grades of rapid of River Betwa can be accessed and depending upon your family’s physical strength, you can choose the stretch that suits you best.

Hot-Air Ballooning in Pench National Park

Hot-Air Ballooning


Now, here is one activity that does not have any special requirements or skills. Hot air ballooning can be enjoyed by each family member (unless one or more have acrophobia). Done in the clear and wide sky of Pench National Park and at an convenient altitude from where the least can view the rich variety of flora and fauna in the park, Hot air ballooning is definitely a must try in Madhya Pradesh.

Wildlife Jungle Safaris

Wildlife Safari MP


Going to Madhya Pradesh and not trying wildlife safaris is like visiting a bakery and not trying one of it the items. Madhya Pradesh and wildlife goes hand in hand, thus missing a chance to witness it would be like an unforgivable sin. Especially for those taking their family on a holiday in Madhya Pradesh, a wild safari is a must. Since the state has several wildlife reserves, you can choose the best that suits you. My suggestion would be:

Shopping in the Old Bazaar of Jabalpur


Photo: Erhard Wolloner

The old markets of Jabalpur can give a good run to any mall in India. Besides every once in a while, your family and you should get to a place like this to realize that our shallow high end lives are nothing but an oblivion that costs redundant sum of money. Visit one of these bazaars in Jabalpur for an eye-opening experience:

  • Kotwali Bazaar – It is the oldest market in the city
  • Ganjipura – Buy garments with stunning zardosi work and the beautiful Chanderi and Maheshwari saris.
  • Kamania Gate – Buy exquisite jewellery
  • Sadar Bazaar- Buy branded goods and enjoy eating at food joints
  • Adhartal – Buy delicate crockery.

Savour Street Food in Indore

Street Food Indore

Photo: Malcolm Bull

Yes, we all know about Indori Poha but trust me there is a lot more that comes from the streets of Indore. Indore’s street food scene comes to life in the evenings, where one along with their family can enjoy mouth watering treats like the shikanji (made with sweetened milk, dry fruits, buttermilk),  poha and jalebi, egg banjo, coconut patties, heeramani, chola burger and kulfi falooda. The areas to visit are:

  • Sarafa
  • Chappan Dukaan (literally, 56 shops)
  • MG Road
  • Chhawni Chowk
  • Jail Road

And the best places to eat in Indore would be:

  • Madhuram Sweets
  • Young Tarang
  • Johnny Hot Dog
  • Vijay Chaat
  • Aggarwal Sweets
  • Mathurawala
  • Laxminarayan Doodhwala
  • Monica Galaxy

Visit Bharat Bhawan in Bhopal

Bharat Bhawan Bhopal Yes, we know kids get bored at the venues of cultural dances and performances and I know lot adults who are of the same temperament. But Bharat Bhawan in Bhopal might be the right place to change your perspective about cultural shows. Set up in the early 80s, this cultural centre has a number of sights and sounds to keep one occupied for hours. The place overlooks the Upper Lake and its structure is itself an art masterpiece. It has a series of terraced gardens and meandering pavement that gives this place a very enigmatic feel, making it the ideal environment where art is not only performed and exhibited, but also created. Bharat Bhawan has:

  • A museum of fine arts
  • A centre of Indian poetry
  • A library of classical and folk music
  • A centre of classical cinema
  • A repertory
  • A gallery of Indian painting and sculpture
  • A centre for creative writing and live performances of the arts

Witness Age Old Wall Paintings at Bhimbetka

Paintings at Bhimbetka


This is truly a place you would want to take your family too. Taking you somewhere around 30,000 years back in time, Bhimbetka promises an amazing experience. These gigantic rock shelters are believed to be 100000 years old and have wall paintings that are of horses, dancing people, people on hunt dating back to 30000 years from now. Bhimbetka can be a thrilling experience for each one in the family as this simple place has just too many stories to narrate.

Explore the Temple Groups in Khajuraho

Khajuraho Temple

Photo: Anna Tatti

Firstly no, not all temples in Khajuraho are about erotic figures and secondly, yes almost all temples in the Western Group have erotic figures, so taking your family to these temples is solely your decision. However, I insist that in order to widen the perspective of your family and kids, the temples at Khajuraho are ideal to bring that change. Also, these rock cut temples are some of the most majestic architecture pieces that one cannot help praising. Therefore, keeping in mind its importance, I insist on taking a family tour of Khajuraho temples.

Sail Through the Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat

Photo: Anil Goyal

You don’t have to visit Antarctica to get the feeling of sailing through the snow white icebergs. In India or to be precise in Bhedaghat in Madhya Pradesh, you can get the same feel by sailing pass the Marble Rocks. Appearing to be white in colour, these rocks are simply a sight that everyone will cherish.  Emerging from the water of Narmada River, these pre-historic time Marble Rocks are an absolute must see in Madhya Pradesh.

Perform Circumambulation at Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa

Photo: Arian Zwegers

Well it is not mandatory that you have to perform circumambulation here at the Stupa but that’s the only way you can see the entire stupa. Apart from all the places in Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi has a special recognition. This place speaks not only about history but also about rich architecture and incredible peace. Crowning a hill top Sanchi Stupa is accompanied by other small size stupas, monasteries and temples, making one of the best sightseeing places in Madhya Pradesh. Bearing many evidences of the existence Ashoka the Great, Sanchi Stupa is one of the most masjectic structures that one can witness in the state.

Witness Exquisite Architecture at Mandu

Jami Masjid Mandu

Photo: VRG, Flickr

After staying away from the eyes of the tourists for so long Mandu in Madhya Pradesh was almost forgotten till exploration of offbeat destinations began. And the result is as expected; Mandu has nailed it as a famous tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. Treasuring the rich history of Malwa region and Parmara dynasty, Mandu promises a tour of MP like no other. The majestically done palaces, temples, mosques and gardens boast the architecture taste of the rulers that reined here from time to time. Mandu is a lovely place to visit with family as it unveils many of the secrets and treasures of the rich state of Madhya Pradesh.

Be Blessed By Visiting the Sacred City of Ujjain


Photo: Dennis Kater

Whether a Hindu or not, Ujjain shall remain as fascinating as it can be. Popularly known as the Temple Town of Madhya Pradesh, Ujjain is itself a spiritual journey. The city is dotted with temples that have both spiritual and historical importance and what better place can it be for a family where each building and turn of the street has a story to narrate. It is also one of those places to show your kids what our faith is made of and deep rooted our culture is. These are the must visit in Ujjain:

  • Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Bade Ganesh Ka Mandir
  • Harsiddhi Ma Temple
  • Karkokeshwar Mahadev
  • Shakti Peeth
  • The Ved Shala(Observatory)
  • Chintamani Ganesh
  • Navgraha Mandir
  • Shri Gopal Temple
  • Mazar-E-Najmi
  • Chausathyogini Temple
  • Mangal Nath Temple
  • Sandipani Ashram
  • Gadkalika Mandir
  • Pir Or Peer Matsyendra Nath
  • Bhartrihari Caves
  • Temple of Kal Bhairav
  • Kaliadeh Palace
  • Siddhavat
  • Ram Ghat
  • Jivaji Observatory

Enjoy History and Weather at Amarkantak

Sunset at Narmada Kund at Amarkantak

Photo: Chandravir Singh

Amarkantak is one of the finest places in Madhya Pradesh that one can plan a holiday to. A family holiday is ideal here as this place is enriched with nature’s beauty and history. Amarkantak is the origin point of River Narmada, the fourth largest river in India.  Narmada is one of the seven sacred rivers in India and pilgrims bathe in it believing that their sin is being washed. Amarkantak has been mentioned several times in Hindu literature and as far as the legend goes, Pandavas of the Mahabharat epic had spent their years of exile here. Being a hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Amarkantak gives another reason to tourist to visit. It is simply one of those places where a family can enjoy comfy and thrilling times together. Some of the places of interests in Amarkantak are:

  • Narmada Udgam
  • Mai ki Bagiya
  • Sonmuda
  • Kapildhara
  • Dudh Dhara
  • Dudh Paani
  • Jwaleshwar Mahadeva
  • Sonakshi Shaktipeeth

Attend One of the Fairs and Festivals

khajuraho Festival of Dance

Photo: Oliver Mueller

It is to be agreed upon that a fair or a festival enhances the fun of visiting a place. If you are at a place in India which is likely to celebrate its traditional festival then you are probably in for some enthralling experience. In order to enjoy the rich diversity of Madhya Pradesh, one can plan a trip around a fair or festival time. Some of the most famous fairs and festivals in Madhya Pradesh are:

  • Khajuraho Dance Festival
  • Bhagoria Festival
  • Tansen Music Festival
  • Madhai
  • Ameer Khan Festival
  • Kumbh Mela, Ujjain
  • Nagaji Fair
  • Karma Festival
  • Malwa Festival
  • Ijtima at Bhopal
  • Nimar Utsa, Maheshwar
  • Alauddin Khan Samorah, Maihar
  • Kumar Gandharava Samaroh, Dewas
  • Lokrang, Bhopal

As much as we like writing for you, we enjoy getting responses and suggestions as well. If you have taken a journey to Madhya Pradesh and you think that more places and activities could be added to this list, please feel free to comment in the box below. However, if you are still in the dilemma as to how and where to go in Madhya Pradesh do write to us at or give us a call at +91-9212553106. We at Tour My India are the people that you are looking for. We bring to you the best holiday packages and deal in Madhya Pradesh and offer an experience unlike any other.

Published: 21 Nov, 2015
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