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Top Tourist Attractions in Shravasti

A surreal aura surrounds you in Shravasti, this tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh, is indeed a place to find inner peace. Shravasti was an important city during the time of Buddha who is believed to have spent considerable time here. The city is also the birthplace of Jain Tirthankara, Sambhavanath, and thus along with being a pilgrimage destination for Buddhists, Shravasti is also an important religious site for Jain devotees. Hence Shravasti marks itself as a religious destination in Uttar Pradesh. Adorned with various Buddhist monasteries and sites and Jain temples, Shravasti is an important place to visit from history's perspective as well.

A heritage tour here is an incredible experience with an opportunity to see Shobhnath Jain Temple, the birthplace of the third Jain Tirthankara; Jetavana Mahavira, the place where once Buddha and his disciples lived; the Ananda Bodhi Tree, an offshoot of the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya; and a few equally important religious sites. Shravasti offers a detailed look at the life of Lord Buddha and that of the country during his time.

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