Kachchi Kuti Shravasti

An interesting sightseeing place in Shravasti for all the history buffs, is the Kachchi Kuti. Located in the vicinity of Mahet, Kachchi Kuti is one of the two mounds in the region. Basically, it is an excavated sculpture. The name of this popular tourist attraction in Shravasti is kept after temporary brick temple that was once situated on the top of it and was built by a sadhu. The excavation observed on the site reveals an image of Bodhisattva. On the lower portion of the image, there is an inscription that reveals that Kachchi Kuti traces its history from the Kushana Period. It also reveals that the site has undergone numerous renovations. As per some scholars, Kachchi Kuti is considered to be a Brahmanical temple whereas, others associated it with the stupa of Sudatta.

This must-visit tourist place in Shravasti represents structural remains of the bygone eras from 2nd century AD to 12th century AD. Not just this, the excavation process also revealed that there seems to be a superimposition of a temple (from the Gupta period) over a Buddhist Stupa (from Kushana period). The temple dates back to the Gupta Period whereas the stupa belonged to the Kushana Period. There is also a pathway that linked Kachchi Kuti with Naushara Darwaza and Kan Bhari Darwaza of the City Wall.

Location Address

Mahet Rd, Rajgarh Gulahriya, Uttar Pradesh 271805

Best Time to Visit

One can visit the attraction at any time during the year as it remains open. Yet, the best time to visit Kachchi Kuti is the winter season. Commencing in the month of October, the winter season has pleasant weather condition that remains ideal to explore the region. The season ends in the month of March.

Opening / Closing Timings

The historical site of Kachchi Kuti remains accessible all days of a week. One can visit the place any time from morning to evening.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to explore Kachchi Kuti. However one has to pay an entrance fee for Mahet. The amount varies for both Indian and foreign tourists.

  • For Indian: 25 INR per head
  • For Foreigners: 300 INR per head

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