Pakki Kuti Shravasti

Pakki Kuti refers to one of the largest mounds in Shravasti, Uttar Pradesh. Fa-Hien & Hiuen (a famous Chinese traveller), Hiuen Tsang (Chinese Scholar) and Alexander Cunningham (British engineer) identified this renowned tourist attraction in Shravasti as the stupa of Angulimala. Whereas, the other scholars believed it to be the ruins of Hall of Law which was said to have been erected to commemorate Lord Buddha by Prasenjit. The present structure of this must-visit tourist place in Shravasti has witnessed several renovations. It is believed that once the site was a terraced stupa which was built on a rectangular platform. However, the structural remains of Pakki Kuti today represents the construction works of different periods, the earliest of which is the Kushana Period. Pakki Kuti is one of those ideal places of tourist interest in Shravasti where one can spend time gathering some historical knowledge.

Best Time to Visit

Although Pakki Kuti remains accessible throughout the year for tourists. But, the ideal time to visit the place are the months of the winter season. Beginning in the month of October, the season enjoys cool and calm weather conditions. Such a pleasant weather allows travellers to explore the region to its fullest. The season ends in the month of March.

Opening / Closing Timings

Pakki Kuti can be visited on any day from morning to evening.

Entry Fee

Tourists don't have to pay to see Pakki Kuti. However, since Pakki Kuti is located in Mahem, therefore, one has to pay some amount to enter the region. The entrance fee differs for both Indian and foreign tourists.

  • For Indian: 25 INR per head
  • For Foreigner: 300 INR per head

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