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The capital of the ancient kingdom of the same name, Shravasti is an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh. It is this place where Buddha confounded his pupils with profound teachings and principles of Buddhism. One of the major Buddhist destinations in India,Shravasti is a place to soak in the tranquillity and delve into the preachings of Buddha.

An Insight into Shravasti Tourism

A religion, a philosophy - Buddhism has touched many hearts and inspired many souls to take up the path Lord Buddha took. His philosophical journey started from Bodhgaya, however, Shravasti hold a special significance as it is believed to be the place where Buddha preached for 25 years from the monastery to his disciples. Located in Uttar Pradesh, 190 km from the state capital, Shravasti was the ancient capital of the kingdom of the same name.

The journey of Buddha began in Lumbini in foothills of Nepal after which Lord Buddha spent a major part of his life exploring the lands which are now known as states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. From seeking enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Gaya, Bihar to preaching his principles of Dharma in Sarnath, Lord Buddha’s journey can be traced to many parts of India. Originating in India, Buddhism has always attracted many devotees who visit these holy lands to seek blessings of Lord Buddha and soak in the tranquillity of places Buddha had been to.

Many accounts state that Buddha even performed miracles over here, the most famous being the case of a woman who came with her dead son, hoping Buddha would resurrect him to life. Being the epicentre of Buddhist preachings, Shravasti has witnessed the eruption of many structures devoted to Lord Buddha, majorly during the Gupta period. King Ashoka also constructed two pillars near the entrance of Buddha's monastery.

Shravasti is also home to a Jain temple - Shobhnath temple. It is believed that it was the birthplace of a Jain saint, Sambhavnath. Also, one of the biggest attractions of Shravasti is the Ananda Bodhi Tree under which Lord Buddha meditated for the night. It is believed that any person who meditates under the tree is blessed by it.

A city housing Buddhist and Jain religious spots, Shravasti is one of the must-visit pilgrimage destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Come for spirituality and stay for the tranquility that this place has to offer, Shravasti will leave a long-lasting impact on you with its spiritual tourist attractions.

Top Tourist Attractions in Shravasti

The place where Buddha shared his knowledge with his disciples, Shravasti is famous for its Buddhist monuments. Pilgrimage sightseeing tour is one of the must-do things in Shravasti. From exploring the site where Buddha lived and meditated to visiting the Buddhist monuments and stupas, Shravasti has plenty on offer for the tourists.

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