Radha Kund Govardhan

One of the two most pristine kunds (ponds) located some 3 km northeast of Govardhan Hill is Radha Kund. This pond is believed to be created by Lord Krishna himself. Right next to Radha Kund, there is located another popular religious pond in Govardhan, Shyama Kund. Together, they both represent the eyes of Govardhan Hill. Not just this, this sacred pond is also said to be the spot where both Lord Krishna and Radha shared their sweetest moments. Radha Kund along with Shyama Kund was manifested at the midnight of the eighth day of the dark moon (Krishna Ashtami) in the Hindu month of Kartik (October - November). Consequently, on this pious day, thousands of pilgrims come to this well-known tourist site in Govardhan to take a dip into the holy water of Radha Kund. Giving a great option of sightseeing along with pilgrimage, Radha Kund is one of those ideal places in the region to spend some quality time with family.


The creation of this exotic tourist destination in Govardhan boasts an interesting legend that has it - after slaying a mighty demon (who was in the form of a bull), Lord Krishna was asked by Radha to sanctify himself by bathing into every holy river of the universe. Hearing that, Lord Krishna laughed out and created a large pond by striking his heel on to the ground. Today, this pond is known as Shyama Kund. In order to fill the water into the kund, Lord Krishna asked his personified forms to present themselves into the pond as water.

Aggrieved of Lord Krishna’s powers to create the kund, Radha and her sakhis decided to dig another kund that would be even more beautiful than of Krishna. The kund was created right next to the Shyama Kund and is presently famed as Radha Kund. On seeing no drop of water manifested in the kund, Lord Krishna allowed them to take water from his pond. However, Radha refused the offer and instead she decided to bring the water from Mansi-Ganga. Thereafter, Lord Krishna asked various holy places to convince Radha and her sakhis to take the water from his kund. Holy places successfully convinced Radharani and her sakhis for the same and a whole current of water flowed into Radha Kund after breaking the banks of Shyama Kund.

This incident happened at the mid-night of the eighth day of the dark moon of Kartik month. Krishna then took a bath in the water of Radha Kund and announced that her kund would be the most famous of its kind in the entire world.

Location Address:

Govardhan, Mansi Ganga Lake, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Opening - Closing Timings

Radha Kund remains open all days of the year and devotees can visit the place anytime from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Radha Kund is the winter season. Commencing in the month of October, the season enjoys cool and pleasant weather condition that allows travellers to visit the place to its fullest. The season ends in the month of March.

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