Mansi Ganga Kund Govardhan

The largest of its kind in Govardhan town, Mansi Ganga Kund is a religious site, the popularity of which is not less than of River Ganga. Located in the downtown of Govardhan, Mansi Ganga Kund is an important part of the pilgrimage route of Govardhan Parikrama which starts and ends at this popular pilgrimage site in Govardhan. As per the beliefs, a sacred bath in the water of the kund (pond) sanctifies one from all sins. Every year, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, earthen lamps can be seen floating in the water of this popular kund as a ritual. At present, there is also a temple of Mansi Ganga which is situated in the near proximity to Brahma Kund. The temple is devoted to Manasi Devi which is one of the four major goddess of the Braj region; the others being Pataleshwari Devi, Vrinda Devi and Yogmaya Devi.


The origin of this must-visit tourist site in Govardhan boasts an interesting legend that has it - once a demon was sent by Kansa to kill Lord Krishna. To fulfill the order of Kansa, the demon took avatar (incarnation) of a calf and hid himself amongst the group of cattle which was of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna came to know about the demon, he killed him.  Although, at the time when he killed him, the demon was in the form of a calf, which is considered to be holy in the Hindu religion. As a result of that, the cowherd friends of Lord Krishna refused to be with him and asked him to take a bath in the holy water of River Ganga to atone the sin of killing a calf.  Unwilling to leave Braj, Lord Krishna meditated, consequently, Ganga manifested herself as Mansi Ganga near the foot of Govardhan Hill. Thereafter, Krishna bathed in the sacred water of Mansi Ganga for the satisfaction of his cowherd friends.

There is another legend that surrounds the origin of this popular sacred pond in Govardhan. It states that once the foster parents of Lord Krishna desired to have a bath in the holy waters of River Ganga but they were unwilling to leave the region of Braj. On learning this, Lord Krishna manifested Mansi Ganga to please his parents. And in this way, Mansi Ganga Kund came into existence.

Location Address

Bathain Kalan, Govardhan, Uttar Pradesh 281403, India.

Opening/Closing Timings

Mansi Ganga Kund remains open all days of the year. One can visit this famous Hindu pilgrimage site in Govardhan at any time from morning to evening.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mansi Ganga Kund is the winter season. Starting in the month of October, the season is all about cool, calm and pleasant weather condition which allow travellers to explore the region with any hassle. The season ends in the month of March.

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