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Top Tourist Destinations in Govardhan

While Govardhan is largely a Hindu pilgrimage site in Uttar Pradesh, it also reflects some light on the life of Jat Ruler, Maharaja Suraj Mal. Situated some odd 20 km from another popular religious destination in Uttar Pradesh, Govardhan is particularly known for its association with Lord Krishna who lifted Govardhan Parvat/hill to protect the native people from a flood. Today, the Govardhan Hill site makes for an important pilgrimage place where the devotees indulge in performing the  21 km circumambulation of the hill. In Govardhan, there are some temples like Haridev Temple, Daan-Ghati Temple, and Mukharbind Temple which are also the major attractions.

Kusum Sarovar, an artificial lake also makes for an important place to visit in Govardhan. Along the bank of this must-see place, are the chhatris/cenotaphs of Jat Ruler, Maharaja Suraj Mal and two wives, which add to the beauty of this site. So apart from imbibing the spiritual vibes of Govardhan, one can also relish a nice stroll back in the history. This tourism destination in Uttar Pradesh offers pilgrims and travellers some quality time with its religious tour and heritage tour.

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