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The legend of Govardhan dates back to the time of Lord Krishna. A famous pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh, the town owes its significance to one of many tales of Lord Krishna. To avoid the floods, it is believed, that Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill to protect the villagers from the flood. A destination steeped in mythology and heritage, Govardhan has the essence of Lord Krishna and his tales can be felt in every street of the town. Attracting both tourists and pilgrims, Govardhan offers the perfect blend of spirituality and scenic landscape.

An Insight into Govardhan Tourism

A town known for its mythology and heritage, Govardhan owes its significance to Lord Krishna. The legend says that the locals of the villagers were one-day preparing for annual offering to Lord Indra when Krishna saw this and decided to discuss it with the villagers. Lord Krishna argued with villagers over the importance of Dharma which the villagers need to follow. He said that the villagers should do their duty and focus on their crops and cattle. Agreeing to Krishna’s philosophy, villagers decided to withhold the offering to Indra. Angered over this, Indra decided to flood the village with continuous rains. In order to protect the villagers, Lord Krishna lifted Mount Govardhan and the villagers took shelter under it, which eventually led to Indra conceding defeat to a young Lord Krishna.

Another legend states that Govardhan Hill after which the town is named is cursed. Once it was a giant mountain, today the mountain is reduced to just a small hillock owning to a curse placed on it. Legend states that the Rishi Pulastya placed a curse on the mountain that Govardhan Hill would reduce one mustard seed size every day. The story goes that Rishi Pulastya requested Dronakala that he too wished to take his son from Mathura to Kashi.

Dronakala gave permission with a condition that Rishi would have to carry Govardhan and he could not keep Govardhan down before Kashi. The Rishi agreed to the condition and the journey began. While passing through Brij Mandal, which was frequently visited by Lord Krishna, Govardhan wanted to feel the divine presence of Lord Krishna. In order to do so, Govardhan intentionally became heavy, forcing Rishi to keep him down. This led to Rishi cursing the hill. A parikrama(circumambulation) performed around the Govardhan hill is considered auspicious and generally, pilgrims perform dandavata (full prostration) Parikrama. This ritual is one of the must things to do as a spiritual purification and there are many variations of it that you can take part in.

An ardent believer of Dharma and Karma, Krishna’s teaching still reverberates through the town’s premises. With numerous temples dedicated to Lord Krishna to the famous Govardhan hill, the town is a popular pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh. It also boasts of two more pilgrimage attractions - Kusum Sarovar and Manasi Ganga.

Top Tourist Attractions in Govardhan

A destination which is steeped in the Hindu mythology, Govardhan is a town of absolute tranquillity. A blend of history and spirituality, Govardhan is a walk amidst the mythological tales. From temples to scenic sites to quaint hideouts, Govardhan is perfect for those seeking the blessings of the almighty.

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