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While we all revere his teachings, the quaint town of Gokul offers an insight into the early days of Lord Krishna. A famous religious destination in Uttar Pradesh, the town traces the early journey of Krishna, from growing up as a naughty child to being the saviour of locals to being the symbol of following one’s virtue. Celebrating his childhood and his preachings, Gokul is a must-visit pilgrimage destination as it offers a sense of tranquillity amidst the chaos of modern day lives.

An Insight into Gokul Tourism

Close to Mathura and Vrindavan lies a small town called Gokul, the place where Hindu God, Krishna spent his childhood. Therefore, Gokul remains an important Hindu pilgrimage destination in India. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and King Vasudev in Nathdwara. However, in order to protect him from his maternal uncle who wanted to kill him, his father, King Vasudev took him to Gokul to the house of Nanda and Yashoda who became his foster parents. The quaint town provides answers to all the questions about Lord Krishna’s childhood depicting his power and grandeur. He is one of the most revered Hindu deities but for the locals of Gokul, Lord Krishna is still a mischievous kid, running around in the streets of the town. One of the most important religious destinations in Uttar Pradesh, Gokul is a celebration of Krishna’s life where he slew Putana, the demon, defeated Kaalia, the serpent, and found Radha, the love of his life.

Gokul is also dotted with numerous temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and his early childhood feat of strength and wisdom. The one site which is the most famous attractions in Gokul, is Chaurasi Khamba (84 Pillars), also known as the house of Nand Maharaja(foster father of Lord Krishna). It is in this house that Lord Krishna spent most of his early days. Some other notable pilgrimage sites in the town are Mud Temple -- a place where Lord Krishna is believed to have killed demons; Utkhal -- the site where mother Yashoda tied young Lord Krishna as a punishment for stealing butter; Brahmand Ghat -- a site where Yashoda witnessed the entire universe inside Krishna’s mouth while she was scolding him for eating mud.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Gokul

The town where Krishna spent his childhood, Gokul is an important pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh. From temples dedicated to Lord Krishna to the sites where Lord Krishna lived and played are the must see in Gokul. Performing a pilgrimage is the top thing to do in Gokul.

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