Brahmand Ghat Gokul

The whole of Gokul seems immersed in a perpetual celebration of Krishna, and the entire town is dotted with hundreds of holy sites dedicated to him. One such site is Brahmand Ghat, located in close proximity to Nand Bhawan and Raman Reti, two other popular tourist attractions in Gokul. As with other religious sites in this quaint town, this place is associated with an episode from Lord Krishna’s life.

Today, devotees to this religious site revere the soil which is believed to have been touched and consumed by Lord Krishna. They also take away packets filled with mud as it’s believed to bring about good luck and success. Smearing it is believed to cure fatal diseases.

Just near to the ghat stands the Brahmand Temple which overlooks the Yamuna River and is dedicated to a particular episode in Krishna’s life. The temple complex also contains a peepal tree. Female devotees to the temple tie a ribbon on its branches, wishing for a long life for their husbands.


As an infant, Lord Krishna, along with his friends, used to play at the spot today known as Brahmand Ghat. One day, he swallowed some mud while playing. When the news reached Yashoda (foster mother of Lord Krishna), she hurried to the spot and told him to open his mouth. What she saw left her completely surprised. Inside the mouth of the Lord, she saw the entire cosmos: the planets, sun, moon and everything else. This divine revelation convinced her that this was no ordinary child.

Today, the Brahmand Ghat stands at the very spot where this incident is believed to have occurred.

Best Time to Visit

Brahmand Ghat is located in the town of Gokul in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. The best time to visit it depends entirely on the kind of weather you prefer to travel in. Uttar Pradesh is known for being extremely hot during summers, with the average temperature being 42°C. If you can cope with the heat, then summers is as fine a time as many to visit this place. However, if you prefer the cool and pleasant weather, then there is no time better than winters.

Nearby Attractions

There are other popular tourist attractions in Gokul which you can visit after visiting Brahmand Ghat in Gokul. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Nand Bhawan
  • Raman Reti
  • Gokulnath Temple
  • Shri Thakur Rani Ghat

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