Raman Reti Gokul

There are many places in the town of Gokul which played host to several episodes in Lord Krishna’s life. One of these is Raman Reti, also known as Raman Van, located in the east of Mathura. This attraction in Gokul occupies a special position in the hearts and minds of the locals. It was here that Lord Krishna, along with Balarama and their friends, spent his childhood days in fun and frolic. An interesting fact about this place is that here, the Hindu festival of Holi is celebrated with sand, rather than the traditional colours.

There are several reasons to visit Raman Reti, one of the famous religious places in Gokul. For devotees, the obvious reason is its being associated with the childhood memories of Krishna. It is also the perfect place for those wanting to savour some moments of peace, quietude and solitude. In fact, tranquillity plays a big part in its popularity among tourists.

There is a deer park located in close proximity to the temple which houses ostriches and ducks as well. Several huts belonging to sadhus and sanyasis are also present in the temple compound. Due to some reason, the sand here is quite smooth, and kids can often be seen rolling around in it, enjoying themselves to the fullest.


Raman Reti, or Raman Van, is one of the religious places in Gokul which you should certainly visit. There is a fascinating mythological tale associated with it. It is believed that Yashoda, Krishna’s foster mother, would send him along with his friends to the forest for various household chores. However, Krishna, being the mischievous lad that he was, would escape to this place and spend the entire day rolling in its extremely soft sand.

After rolling in the sand and enjoying with his friends to his heart’s delight, he would bathe in the Raman Sarovar (lake). Till today, devotees visiting this place can’t stop the urge to roll about in the mud and relive the divine moments associated with Lord Krishna.

Best Time to Visit

Raman Reti is located in the town of Gokul in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Just like the rest of the state, the summers here are extremely hot, with the average temperature being 43°C. Although the heat can be a put off for some people, you can visit this place if you are not bothered by it. If you prefer cool and pleasant weather, then visit Gokul during winters.

Nearby Attractions

Gokul is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. There are numerous places and sites associated with him, in one way or the other. After visiting Raman Reti, there are other places which you can visit during your trip. Here are some of them.

  • Nand Bhawan
  • Shri Thakur Rani Ghat
  • Gokulnath Temple
  • Brahmand Ghat

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