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Shri Thakur Rani Ghat Gokul

Gokul, the place where Lord Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood, is dotted with several ghats. One of these is Shri Thakur Rani Ghat. It is not until you arrive here that you feel the serenity enveloping it. This place is associated with an important historical episode in the life of the renowned Hindu theologian, philosopher and saint, Vallabhacharya. If you desire moments of quiet and peace, and lose yourself in meditation, this is one of the best destinations in Uttar Pradesh.


Shri Thakur Rani Ghat is one of the most religious places in Gokul, and its history, along with some mythology, plays a major part in that. According to popular belief, it was here that Vallabhacharya was graced by the darshan (divine manifestation) of Goddess Yamuna. He followed it by singing the Yamunashtakam (a religious song) in her praise.

Best Time to Visit

Gokul is a town located in the district of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Just like the rest of the state, the best time to visit the temple depends upon your preferences. If you decide to plan a trip to Gokul during the summers, remember that it can get very hot here, with the average temperatures being 43°C. If you are used to travelling to places that receive hot weather, then you can visit this place during summers. On the other hand, if you enjoy sightseeing in cool weather, plan your trip to Gokul during winters.

Nearby Attractions

There are other popular tourist attractions in Gokul which you can explore after you have visited this place.

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