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Dan Bihari Temple Barsana

Dan Bihari Temple, one of the oldest temples in Barsana, is believed to be about 800 years old. Its design and structure certainly betray that fact quite clearly. There is an interesting mythological tale associated with its name, just like many of the temples in Uttar Pradesh.

The word “dan” means donation in Sanskrit while “bihari” is an affectionate term used to address Lord Krishna. The story goes that once a poor brahmin was unable to collect the money required for his daughter’s marriage. He remembered Krishna in his grief. Lord Krishna, touched by the poor man’s troubles, organised the gold equivalent of Radha’s weight and donated the money to him. In this way, Shri Krishna demonstrated another instance of his divine kindness.

Best Time to Visit

Dan Bihari Temple is located in the town of Barsana in Uttar Pradesh. During the summers, the average temperature fluctuates between 40°C and 43°C. If you are not daunted by the hot weather, you can certainly visit the temple during this time. However, if you prefer cool and pleasant weather, come here during the winters.

Nearby Attractions

There are a lot of popular tourist attractions in Barsana located in close proximity to Dan Bihari Temple. Here are some of those places which you can check out.

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