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Top Tourist Attractions in Barsana

A religious place that is also a witness to chucklesome tales of Radha and Krishna, Barsana is a must-visit place in Uttar Pradesh. This tourism destination has a number of places to visit and perform the pilgrimage. The top attraction that catches the eye of every Hindu devotee is Shriji Temple which dates back to 5000 years ago. Barsana is famous for its peculiar style of celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. Here the natives indulge in a stick and shield game where the women strive to beat men with sticks who try to save them using a shield.

All this is done in a good spirit and is certainly a must-see in Barsana. Apart from this, the hometown of Radha is dotted with some more religious and historical sites like Maan Mandir, Mor Kutir, Radha Sarovar, and Sankari Khor. Barsana is a good option when paying a visit to its neighbouring and more popular destinations of Vrindavan and Mathura. It makes for a great one-day sightseeing place.

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