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Barsana Travel Guide

The birthplace of Sri Radha Rani, the beloved of Lord Krishna, Barsana is more than a destination in Uttar Pradesh, it is, in fact, the celebration of Radha’s life and the eternal love between her and Lord Krishna. From numerous temples dedicated to her life and her upbringing, this religious destination in Uttar Pradesh also celebrates the association of Lord Krishna with the town and Radha Rani. Barsana is also famous for its Lathmar Holi, which depicts the ancient tradition of playing holi with sticks and shields along with colours.

An Insight into Barsana Tourism

The childhood place of Sri Radha Rani, the town is quite literally a euphoric celebration of her life and her love for Lord Krishna. A popular pilgrimage destination in Uttar Pradesh, Barsana witnessed the sacred love affair of Radha and Krishna. Radha was born to Vrishbhanu Maharaj, who was close friends with Nand Maharaja (foster father of Lord Krishna). It is believed that after Nand Maharaja shifted to Nandgaon from Gokul, Vrishabhanu Maharaj also shifted from Raval to Barsana. A blend of spirituality and sceninc landscape, the popular tourist destination of Barsana offers the best of both the worlds.

There have been many legends about Radha’s love and devotion towards Lord Krishna. The legend says that Radha considered Krishna as god and herself as his devotee. Due to this reason, Radha and Krishna never got married to each other. However, there have been many interpretations about them not getting into a holy matrimonial, some arguing that Krishna believed marriage is an arrangement whereas love is pure emotion, free of such agreements.

However, despite them not marrying, the love of Radha and Krishna has been a mixture of devotion and love. The religious town in Uttar Pradesh is dotted with numerous temples dedicated to the life of Radha and her devotion to Lord Krishna. The town is an exhibition of her childhood and her transcendental youth pastimes along with her friends and her parents. The most famous temple is Radha Rani Temple. Other famous pilgrimage spots are Man Mandir, Sankari Khor, Mor Kutir Mandir and Rangeeli Mahal.

Apart from being a popular religious destination, Barsana is also known for the popular Lathmar Holi. Unlike the usual Holi celebration, Lathmar Holi is celebrated, as the name suggests, with sticks. The legend is that during Holi, Krishna once visited Barsana to tease and meet Radha. Taking offence at this, Radha and her friends chased Krishna with sticks. Following the traditional practices, men from Nandgaon visit Barsana, only to be greeted by women with sticks on the festival of Holi.

Top Tourist Attractions in Barsana

Being the birthplace of Mata Radha, the major attractions in Barsana are temples dedicated to her life and her upbringing. There are also several temples dedicated to Radha Krishna that are popular pilgrimage destinations. One of the must do things in Barsana is to witness the famous Lathmar Holi celebration.

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