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ISKCON Temple Vrindavan

ISKCON Temple, also referred to as Sri Sri Krishna Balram Mandir, is one of the famous religious places to visit in Vrindavan. Devoted to Lord Krishna, ISKCON Temple is located near Raman Reti area of Vrindavan. The temple, which comes under the administration of the ISKCON Trust, was built in the year 1975. It holds a special significance amongst the followers of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). At present, this popular temple in Vrindavan serves as one of the major spiritual centres in the city. Besides its spiritual significance, it’s the architecture of the temple which endears it to a lot of tourists. On entering the shrine, tourists first pass through the magnificent white marble archway of the samadhi of Prabhupada. Thereafter, the imposing wooden temple doors transport tourists directly to a spiritual ambiance. The soothing music of mrdanga, kartals and harmonium of the 24/7 kirtaniyas, all come together to create an experience which is exclusive to the ISKCON Temple. The main attraction of the temple is the altar which is devoted to the brothers - Balaram and Krishna, after whom the temple is named. Throughout the day, various aartis are performed, including, Samadhi Aarti, Tulasi Aarti, Mangala Aarti, Dhoop Aarti, Ra Bhog Aarti, Sandhya Aarti Pushpa Aarti and Shayana Aarti. Being part of these aartis is also a delightful experience while visiting ISKCON. As a holy offering, Khichdi is served to the devotees at this temple.

Opening & Closing Timings

ISKCON Temple can be visited all days a week. However, the timing of the temple differs for both summer and winter seasons. In summers, the temple opens at 4:10 AM and closes at 8:45 PM. Whereas, in winters, ISKCON temple opens at 4:10 in the morning and closes at 8:15 in the evening.

Location Address:

Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Raman Reiti, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Best Time to Visit

Like almost all the tourist attractions in Vrindavan, ISKCON Temple can also be visited any time during the year. However, the best time to plan a visit to ISKCON Temple is during the winter season. Commencing in the month of October, the weather is cool and pleasant during this time. The season ends in the month of February.

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