Bageshwar Travel Guide

Bageshwar; a small temple city standing at the confluence of River Gomti and Saryu, abears huge religious significance and also considered as an important tourist destination because of its enchanting ambience that is proficient of unloosing a tired soul from the shackles of life and death. Located in eastern side of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, Bageshwar is a city and the headquarters of the district of the same is adorned with an array of Hindu temples like Panchnama Junnarka, Dattatreya Maharaj Temple, Hanuman Temple, Bhairav Temple, Kalika Temple, and of course Bageshwar Mahadev, which are the major points of interest for the tourists and devotees alike. Legend has it that Lord Shiva visited the Bageshwar Mahadev temple in the form of a Bagh (Tiger) when Sage Markandeya lived here. Therefore, this Shiva temple is specifically popular and has been named after this divine incident.

Though counted among the smallest of the districts in Uttarakhand, Bageshwar is studded with several tourist attractions like the ancient temples, serene rivers,

and the picturesque towns of Vijaypur, Kanda and Gauri Udiyar, that never fail to mesmerize the visitors. The exceptionally rich scenic delights of these, attract many tourists to plan for a blissful holiday trip to the district. By sharing its border with the three other districts like; Chamoli on the north-west, Pithoragarh on the north-east, and Almora on the south, the district is not only easily accessible but also offers an opportunity for an extended sightseeing tour and vacation. Also, by providing a halting point for the trekkers, venturing for awe-inspiring treks to Pindari, Sunderdhunga and Kafni glaciers, Bageshwar proves to be an important place in the state for adventure tourism.

Our Bageshwar travel guide is overflowing with information on best places to visit and amazing things to do, which makes it quite essential for the travellers looking for an impeccable travelling experience. Also, handcrafted for you are the varied holiday packages by Tour My India that ensure a vacation unlike any other.

Best time to visit Bageshwar

Bageshwar is an all year round destination, with the temperature ranging between 7°C and 29°C. Residing in the lap of the Himalayas covered with cottony clouds and immense greenery, Bageshwar boasts of a pleasant weather during most part of the year. Still, the best time to visit Bageshwar is considered to be the winter season i.e between September and February. The place seems mesmerizing during this time when its surrounding mountains and the lush grasslands become unrecognizable under the thick blanket of snow.

  • Summer

    Summer season extending here is filled with the honey breeze, which is soothing amidst lush greenery and keeps the temperature usually between 18°C and 23°C, and never more than 3418°C. This season extends from the month of March until June.

  • Monsoon

    Between mid-June to the start of September, it rains in Bageshwar. The temperature remains between 24°C and 29°C. Although the weather is quite pleasant, this season carries a risk of heavy rainfall and major landslides that might disrupt your holiday plans. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before planning a trip in monsoon.

  • Winter

    To enjoy the white scenery and the extremely chilly weather, winter is the best time to visit this place. The season falls between the months of September and February when the temperature ranges from 9°C to 28°C. So, if you are planning a trip during winters, just don't forget to include warm clothes and shawls to your packing list.

Top Tourist Attractions & Things to Do around Bageshwar

Along with the temples and sites dedicated to Lord Shiva, Bageshwar as a tourist place has so much more to offer. Like, there are scenic villages to witness the lifestyle of the locals and to get drenched in their unique culture. Whereas, famous treks of Pindari and Sunderdhunga come as a fine treat to the adventure enthusiasts as well as to the nature lovers.

  • Bagnath Temple

    Residing at the confluence of Gomti and Sarayu rivers, this 14th-century ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is the main attraction of Bageshwar. The festivals like Shivratri and Makar Sankranti are celebrated here with immense charm and cheerfulness.

  • Kanda

    A historic town, famous for rural tourism, Kanda has a bunch of 54 villages around it. The town is situated around 25 km away from Bageshwar town, and tourists visit here to dwell into its impressive beauty and that of the famous Kalishan Temple.

  • Gauri Udiyar

    Situated 8 km away from Bageshwar town, this holy site contains a large cave with the collection of idols of Lord Shiva as major tourist attraction.

  • Chandika Temple

    Dedicated to Goddess Chandika, the temple is a crowd puller especially during Navratri. It is located just half kilometer away from the town,Bageshwar.

  • Baijnath

    It is a popular temple town situated on the bank of Gomti River. While being here, you can visit the ancient temples like the Baijnath Temple and Bhagwati Mata Temple.

  • Zero Point (Pindari Glacier) Trek

    Quite popular amongst the trekkers all over the world, the Pindari Glacier is situated in Pindari Valley, at an elevation of 3660 m to the southeast of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot Mountains. The trek to this point starts from Song that lies 36 km from Bageshwar. Upon reaching Song, one has to trek 45 km more to finally reach Pindari Glacier.

  • Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek

    Neighbour to the Pindari and Kafni Glacier, Sunderdhunga Glacier is situated in upstream Sunderdhunga Valley of the elevation of 3200 to 6050 m, and is also famous as the 'Valley of Beautiful Stones'. The trek to Sunderdhunga Glacier is tougher as compared to the Kafni and Pindari.

  • Vijaypur

    To gain the phenomenal sites of the snow-clad mountains, visit this beautiful town residing just 30 km away from Bageshwar town. The place is perfect for nature lovers and ardent photographers who have the chance to explore one of the less trodden paths in Uttarakhand.

Where to Stay in Bageshwar?

Bageshwar comes with the option of both budget and star hotels that are blessed with scenic views and comfort as well. Apart from them, the options of lodges, guest houses, resorts, camps, and homestays are also available in the district. Some really lovely homestays have come up in places like Kanda, which offer an insight into the rich culture and warm hospitality of Uttarakhand. Camping is an exhilarating experience in Bageshwar, in recent past, a number of camps have emerged that have catered to the adventure and nature lovers dream of sleeping under the star-studded sky.

How to Reach Bageshwar?

Bageshwar is situated 422 km away from Delhi and 137 km from Nainital. It is a small town with no railway station and airport of its own but is blessed with good connection by road with the major cities of the state through local public transport. Apart from this, taxis can be hired to Bageshwar if you prefer comfort travel.

  • By Air

    The nearest airport to Bageshwar is Pantnagar Airport, which is around 187 km away. Daily flights are available from Delhi to Pantnagar, the travel time is not more than 1 hr. Once reached Pantnagar, buses, and taxis can be boarded to reach Bageshwar.

  • By Rail

    The railway station nearest to Bageshwar is in Kathgodam, about 154 km away. From where taxis and buses are easily available to reach Bageshwar.

  • By Road

    Bageshwar has smooth road connection with the major destinations of Kumaon and Garhwal regions of Uttarakhand. Once you reach the places like Almora, Nainital, and Haldwani, by getting onto the buses from ISBT Anand Vihar, the cab services, and local buses are readily available to reach Bageshwar.

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