Dayara Bugyal Uttarakhand

If there was a contest where a place has to win for being a dreamland in India, it would have been Dayara Bugyal. Mostly placed next best to Bedni Bugyal, Dayara is an alpine meadow that can have nature lovers lose themselves in its mesmeric beauty. Situated near Barsu Village in Uttarkashi District of Garhwal Region, the Bugyal is spread in an area of at an average altitude of 3340m above the sea level. The meadow is a mesmeric riot of colour that can melt hearts and at the same entice visitors to settle down right here in the lap of Mother Nature. Stretched in the vast area, the meadow is adorned with the naturally formed clear water bodies that often show the breathtaking reflections of surrounding lofty mountains and peaks. There are flower-strewn paths that run parallel to streams and their brooks that run across the meadow that added charm like no other. No wonder the shepherds who took their cattle for grazing here always came back stories of surreal place which may have resemblance to paradise.

In the summer season, Dayara Bugyal becomes an ideal place to camp in Garhwal Region. Trekking tours are planned in a large number during summers when weather remains pleasant and the sky is clear enough to see the far-flung snow-clad mountains adorning the silhouette of the region. Bandarpoonch, Black Peak and Bhagirathi Peaks are the prominent mountains visible distinctly from this alpine meadow. A large variety of flowering plants are responsible for the picture perfect scenery of Dayara. The pristine surroundings and insignificant human interference are features that make this meadow an ideal camping destination in India. On the other side, the chilly winters bring in a lot of snow with it that completely layers the meadows. In winter Dayara convert into a potential Nordic as well as Alpine skiing destination in India. Since, camping is not possible here during the winter, skiers can get accommodation at Bhatwari and few villagers’ huts are also made available.


9kms from Barsu Village, Uttarkashi District, Garhwal Region


3048 to 3340m


Trekking, Camping and Skiing (winter season)

Best Time to Visit:

It is best to visit Dayara Bugyal in the months between May and November, when the weather remains salubrious and trekking and camping can be enjoyed maximum. For those who are interested in skiing, winter (December to February) is an ideal time to visit here.

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