Gairsain Travel Guide

This picturesque town is located in the centre of Kumaon and Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. The name Gairsain is derived from the Garhwali word 'Gair' which means 'Depth' and 'Sain' means 'plains'. Situated at an altitude of 1750 m from the sea level, Gairsain is a town in the Chamoli district. One of the reasons for the increase in popularity of this town is its nearness to some of the most visited tourism places in Uttarakhand like Ranikhet. Gairsain is also a healthy connection between Kumaon and Garhwal regions and has been proposed as the official capital of the state.The place and the nearby remote areas make for an interesting village tourism destination in Uttarakhand. The town and its vicinity are indeed perfect to savour an age-old culture that reflects the simplicity of the state. According to the ancient literature, Gairsain was the place that was celebrated as the Kedar Kshetra. This region has seen a lot of rulers after the battle of Mahabharata which includes the Nagas, Khasas, Kiratas, Kunindas, and Tunganas.

After ruled for about a century by Kushans the region fell into the hands of Shilvarman who called himself lord of the mountains. The natural beauty of this place is elegant and vivid in its own way. Due to its strategic physical location, it holds importance for both the regions of Uttarakhand. It is also the perfect spot to sight the source of Ramnagar River near the Dudhatoli Parvat. This mountain is the origin point where the river starts. The greenery and peace of this place are impeccable. Post monsoon, the beauty of this place gets rejuvenated making it a charming place to visit. The best activities one can do here is taking a walk amidst nature and village exploration since there is no particular sightseeing place in Gairsain. While here, you can explore and get familiar with the lifestyle and customs of the native people. Few of the major tourist attractions around this lesser-known destination in Uttarakhand are Adi Badri, Vriddha Badri, Yog Dhyan Badri, Ranikhet, and Chaukhutia.

Best Time to Visit Gairsain

The winters are the best time to visit Gairsain and apart from this tourist choose the onset of summers. During these months, the temperature is pleasant giving the best holiday experience to the tourists.

  • Summer

    Starting from the month of March and staying until July, the summers are generally hot yet pleasant where the temperature is between 16°C and 31°C. But still, during this time, the upliftment of spirit is done by the cool breeze.

  • Monsoon

    Gairsain experiences moderate rainfalls in the months of August and September. The rains bring freshness and rejuvenation to the greenery of the place. The temperature is also between 13°C and 24°C, which is quite pleasant.

  • Winter

    November marks the beginning of the winter season and lasts until February. The temperature fluctuates between 0°C and 15°C. This makes the temperature extremely cold. However, the winter warm sun gives one reason enough to plan a holiday in this season.

Where to Stay in Gairsain?

Finding an accommodation in Gairsain is a bit difficult because it is less popular than other tourism destinations in Uttarakhand. There are few guesthouses and budget hotels in Gairsain that offer themselves as the best places to stay here. Those seeking for more accommodation options have to book their stay in Ranikhet which is situated a few kilometres away.

How to Reach Gairsain?

The best way to reach Gairsain is by road because it is situated on the border of both the regions in Uttarakhand, and thus, the road connectivity is good. One can also choose railways and airways for reaching Gairsain as well, but the last leg of the journey has to be completed only by roadways.

  • By Air

    Pantnagar is the nearest airport which is about 200 km from Garsain. But then to reach Gairsain, one has to hire a taxi from the airport.

  • By Rail

    The nearest railhead to Gairsain is the Kathgodam Railway Station which is about 173 km from Gairsain. From here you can book a taxi or board a bus.

  • By Road

    The access to this town via road is easy. It has connectivity to many major and popular destinations of Uttarakhand. Being in central Uttarakhand one can easily come here while visiting either the Kumaon or the Garhwal region. Garsain has well maintained motorable roads and a frequent bus service as well.

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