Devalgarh Travel Guide

Illuminate your soul in the spiritually blessed town of Uttarakhand, Devalgarh. Endowed with the beauty of pristine shrines, this tourism destination owns its name from the revered King Deval of Kangra who established the town in 1512 in the Pauri Garhwal district of Garhwal Region. Located at a short distance from the popular tourist destination of Khirsu, Devalgarh was once the Capital of the Garhwal Kingdom in the 16th Century before it was transposed to Srinagar. Considered one of those small towns that are rich in architecture, Devalgarh is best known for its group of ancient temples like Gaura Devi which is one of the Sidhpeethas, devoted to the divine Goddess Gauri and built by Lord Kubera in 7th Century AD.

Not only does the temple offer a heartwarming view of the Himalayas but also calls out to pilgrims for an annual fair which is organized during the harvest season. Besides, there is one more sacred shrine known as Maa Raj Rajeshwari which dedicated to the local deity of Garhwal. Nurturing archaeological importance the temple is swarmed by pilgrims also for the annual fair that is held here in April. Other must visit places you can take a tour to in Devalgarh are Som ki danda and Laxmi Narayan temple. Our Devalgarh travel guide is overflowing with information on best places to visit and amazing things to do in and around Devalgarh, which makes it quite essential for the travellers looking for an impeccable travelling experience. Also, handcrafted for you are the varied holiday packages by Tour My India that ensure a vacation unlike any other.

Best Time to Visit Devalgarh

Ideally, summers and the early onset of winters are considered the perfect time to visit Devalgarh for the holidays. During the monsoon the place receives heavy rainfall that sometimes leads to roadblocks and landslides, making it a bit difficult to visit Devalgarh.

  • Summer

    The pleasant weather in summer is calling out to you to come and spend a vacation in Devalgarh. Starting from March to June, summer is the season when the temperature ranges from 20°C to 35°C and is considered one of the best time to explore the beauty of Devalgarh and relax.

  • Monsoon

    Relish in the soothing aura of the monsoon season in Devalgarh for a one of a kind holiday experience. Commencing from July to September, the monsoon is the time when the temperature in Devalgarh ranges from 15°C to 25°C which makes the town look even livelier and refreshed. There is also a certain possibility of heavy rainfall in Devalgarh and hence it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning your vacation.

  • Winter

    With the nearing end of September comes winters starting from the months of October to February, which is considered the best time to visit Devalgarh. The temperature ranges between 15°C and 0°C with a slight possibility of snowfall, adding more reasons for you to spend your holidays in Devalgarh.

Where to Stay in Devalgarh?

This tourist destination of Devalgarh which is blessed with a number of beautifully sculpted temples doesn't have accommodation options nestled along. But much to your relief there is Khirsu which is located at a short distance from Devalgarh and has a number of homestays and budget hotels which are just perfect for a vacation. Together with good facilities in these staying options, you get a chance to witness the lush greenery and red apple orchards blooming in Khirsu.

How to Reach Devalgarh?

The best way to reach this historically important town is by road as it's well connected to major parts of Uttarakhand. Besides, depending on your comfort you can also choose to travel by air and rail. However, the final stretch of the journey has to be done by road only.

  • By Air

    Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Devalgarh as it located some 140 km away in Dehradun. From here, you can easily get access to cabs to reach Devalgarh.

  • By Rail

    Deboard at Rishikesh Railway Station located around 123 km or at Haridwar Railway station which is 145 km from Devalgarh and has better rail connectivity than Rishikesh.One has to hire a cab to reach Devalgarh from Haridwar.

  • By Road

    The small town of Devalgarh is well connected to other tourism destinations of Uttarakhand like Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Dehradun, Nainital, Almora along with Delhi by road. Buses and cab services are available from these places for Devalgarh.

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