Best Time to Visit Rishikesh

Rishikesh remains pleasant to visit all through the year when it comes to the weather. Since it is located in the foothills of Garhwal region, it experiences moderate summers and cool winters. Therefore, it is ideal to plan a trip in these two seasons in Rishikesh.


The summer season in Rishikesh starts in the month of March and continues till July. The season is best to plan a vacation in Rishikesh. The weather during these months remains moderately hot and the temperature ranges from 15°C to 40°C. One can also enjoy all the adventure activities that the place offers.


From July to September, it is considered as the monsoon season in Rishikesh. During this time, the city experiences heavy rainfall. Moreover, there are always chances of landslides in monsoon season. Therefore, it is advised to check the weather forecast before planning a trip to Rishikesh in monsoon.


The winter season in Rishikesh strikes in the month of October and lasts till the month of February. The lowest temperature during this season is around 6°C. This season is also ideal to visit the city. One can see the place at its peak of the beauty during the winter season.

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