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How to Reach Chidambaram Tamil Nadu

Chidambaram, the astounding Shiva site not only boasts of its holy pavilions but also its Dravidian architecture. Travelers who wish to explore this holy place of pilgrimage can reach there by air, train or road. The best way to reach this divine destination would be by air as Chidambaram has a well-connected air network. Tiruchirappalli located around 195 km away, is the nearest airport to Chidambaram. One can hire a taxi to reach the town.

By Air

One can reach Chidambaram by air as the town is well-connected by air. Travelers can take a flight to Tiruchirappalli Airport which is located pretty near to this destination. On reaching the airport they can easily take a taxi that will drive them up till this blessed town.

By Train

If you wish to enjoy a train journey to this destination then, catching a train till Chidambaram railway station will also be a great option. There are several trains that shuttle to and from this temple town connecting it with some of the most popular cities across India.

By Road

Apart from air and train, one can also take the roads to reach this renowned place of Hindu pilgrimage. Taking a bus will be the most feasible mode of transport, if you long to head out for a journey by road. There are several top buses that help avid travelers to commute to and from Chidambaram and also link this significant destination to major cities across the country.

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