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Qadam-E-Rasool Cuttack

Charming as a blue moon and ravishing as always, this is what suits best to Qadam-E-Rasool - a magnificently erected mosques in Cuttack, Odisha. Located on the Jail Road of Odisha, this gorgeous mosque spreads over 57 acres of area and holds a great importance amongst the Muslim devotees as it traces history from the 18th century. The main highlight of the mosque is the footprints of prophet Qadam-E-Rasool which is kept preserved till date in a metal basin in the mosque’s central hall. The stunning construction of this place derives the masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture and is reckoned amongst the popular cemeteries in Odisha that has graves of various renowned Nazis. Besides, the architecture of the mosque includes an imposing wall which includes towers at each of the four corners.

Complimenting the marvellous architecture of Qadam-E-Rasool is a large minaret in the centre that also includes the crescent and a star. Apart from this, there are also nine small minarets with wood carvings and lacquer craft that equally embrace the grandeur of the mosque. Along with that, the exterior of the mosque is bubbled with a golden top. For tourists, this revered tourist attraction in Cuttack also includes a music gallery, also known as Nawabat Khana. Like the exterior, the interior of this renowned mosque is also enthralling enough to amaze anyone. Adorned with the designs of exquisite flowers, the interior roof of Qadam-E-Rasool never misses a chance treat the eyes of visitors. The white and black marble flooring adds another charm to the resplendent interior of the dargah. With that being said, a visit to Qadam-E-Rasool would surely be an experience that will its imprints in your memories for a long.

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