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Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary Odisha

Giving a special mention in the rich wildlife history of India, Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a renowned wildlife conservation site in Odisha. The sanctuary has a historic connection with Odisha’s freedom fighter - Surendra Sai. It is said that Sai took refuge in the dense jungle of Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary during his revolt against British. As wildlife point of view, Debrigarh is one of the most flourishing wildlife sanctuaries in Odisha with a rich wildlife. With its opulent biodiversity, this wildlife sanctuary serves as a dwelling land of numerous wild creatures, including mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies, amphibians, and more species.

Flora and Fauna

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary serves as a home to over 40 species of mammals, 12 species of amphibians, 39 species of odonates, 42 species of fishes, 85 species of butterflies, 41 species of reptiles, 28 species of spiders, and 234 species of birds. Tigers, bison, gaur, chausingha, bear, jackal, porcupine, wild dog, elephant, sambar, wold, leopard, spotted deer, monitor lizard, hyena, Indian hare, and chameleons are some commonly seen creatures in the wild of Debrigarh sanctuary. Besides, numerous wild birds like crested serpent eagle, peafowl, along with the diving ducks can also be spotted here in this sanctuary. A part of the reserve also includes Hirakud Dam, and hence, a sight of the reservoir can also be expected. Unlike the most of the wildlife sanctuaries of Odisha where floral diversity includes wet forest, Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a dry deciduous forest.


6:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Best Time to Visit

The months of the winter season, i.e., from October to February are considered as the best time to visit Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Throughout these months the temperature falls down to almost 4 degrees which makes a pleasant climate to explore the place.

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