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Probably, an unexplored and unknown heritage attraction to the world is Rasmancha Temple in Manipur. Located in the district of Bishnupur, Rasmancha was earlier a temple which was established by the Malla King - Vir Hambir in 1600 AD. The aim to build the temple was to celebrate Ras festival; during the festival, the idols of deities, whether small or big, was taken to this temple from all the nearby shrines. Till 1932, the temple used to exhibit all the local idols in the public. The beautiful tourist attraction in Manipur was also used to stage dances where different scenes of Krishna Leela used to perform. However, after 1932, the festival has been observed on the grounds of the popular Durga temple located in the near proximity. Ramancha is standing on a raised platform and has a pyramidal superstructure. Apart from being only one of its kind in the country, Rasmancha is also one of the oldest brick temples in India. Although at present, the temple does not serve as a temple, instead, it has now become one of the top heritage sites in Manipur. However, this heritage site is protected under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and has undergone maintenance a number of times. As a result of this, there is now the facilities of lightning.


Rasmancha boasts a unique architectural design that makes it the only such monument in India. The oldest brick temple, Ramancha is constructed with red bricks in the form pyramid summit which lies on an elevated platform. Besides, the foundation of this beautiful temple in Manipur is 1.5 metres high with each side of 24.5 metres and rising to 11 metres. The monument has a sanctum sanctorum and a single chamber with imposing towers which are surrounded by turrets of hut shape. Along with that, there are total 108 doorways and large ancient cannons that dates back to Malla dynasty. Not just this, Rasmancha also has three circumambulatory galleries; the arches of which are ornamented with terracotta lotus motifs.

At present, the entire structure of Rasmancha Temple comes under Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), and thus, has received a number of modifications and maintenance which can be seen clearly seen in the monument.

Visiting Timings

All Days from sunrise to sunset

Best Time to Visit

Since, Rasmancha remains open throughout the year, one can visit the monument any time during a year. Despite this, the month from October to March are considered as the best time to visit Rasmanch as during these months, the weather of town remains pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

Entry Fee

  • For Indian visitor: 25 INR
  • For Foreigner: 300 INR

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