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Fairs & Festivals in Manipur

There is no denying that every month is a celebration in Manipur, the Northeast Indian gem renowned for its pristine natural surroundings and affluent tribal culture. Manipur’s fairs and festivals revolves around their rich culture and traditions that are deep-rooted. These festivals in Manipur are a reflection of how the natives are still attached to their roots and how much respect is paid to their values. The state is home to the Kuki, and Naga tribes, Meiteis, Manipuri Brahmins (Bamons) and Pangal (Manipuri Muslims), and Bishnupriya Manipuri, which construes diverse and distinct culture giving more opportunity to festival celebration of some kind around the year.

Manipur’s major festival, the one celebrated by all tribes and communities is the Cheiraoba, also known as the Manipuri New Year or Sajibugi Nongma Panba is held in the month of March or April with a lot of pomp and show. Another popular festival in Manipur is the The Ratha Yatra or Kang which is also renowned in the country as well. Worshipping Lord Jagannath, Kang is the Manipuri form of the Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra. With the existence of several tribes, tribal festivals in Manipur are apparent, amongst these, Gang-Ngai, Kut, and Chumpha. Another culture festival marking the calendar of Manipur is Yaosang, also known as the festival of Holi in other parts of the country.

Like other Northeast Indian states, Manipur is predominant by agriculture, and thus, the time of seed sowing and harvesting is marked with agriculture festivals like Lui-Ngai, Khuado Pawi, and Kut. Manipur is also inhabited by a decent number of Muslim and Christian communities; therefore, the state can be seen celebrating Eid and Christmas with equal zeal. Two interesting festivals that are held in Manipur are Heikru Hitongba and Ningol Chak-kaouba. While the former is a cheerful boat race that takes place on the canal in the Bijoy Govinda area on eleventh Langban and is closely associated with the famous temple of Govindajee, the latter is a social festival of the Meiteis and many other communities of Manipur where married women are invited to a feast at their parental house with their children. Manipur can be an ideal destination for festival tourism with so many celebrations to fill your heart with warmth and bring you a step closer to its rich culture.

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